What Are The Strange Things Done?


In the afternoon, the sun sinks in a snake. Then surrounded by dark darkness Then how are you afraid, right? But what happened? There is light in the house. The light shines when the pressure is on the switch. And you do not have to stay in the dark.

Some of the biggest problems that easily make the eyes of the eyes do not make small things. There are not many such things around to save time and make things easy to save time. All these small things were easy to do, but it was not so easy. Today we will tell you how strange things are done in the work.

Light Glue Paper

Friend’s birthday next month? Now you can easily write it on paper to remember. The papers that are on the back of the glue also apply. The name of the birthday and the name of the friend by putting the name of the reading table. But do you know, one of the things that made the mistake a detector? In 1968 Dr. Spencer Silver was trying to make a glue strong. But finally, all the goblet became. Hard gum was not made, but rather a light glue. Which never withers. Silver gave it to the idea of ​​the bad thing, Silver.

But if you do not work, what will happen! Art working with Mr. Silver For several days, he was in trouble. The bookmarks or bookmarks required for it were just falling down and down again. The light glue of Silver was very useful in Art Fryer. And since then, gradually everyone started to take help of post brick notes to remember the important things.

Laundry Soap

There is also a fun story behind the birth of their soap that wash your clothes every day. Many years ago, when Roman girls used to wash clothes on the banks of the ‘Tibar’ river, they often could see a type of material. The substances float in the river of the river. Actually, things are makes of animal fat and oil. The fat of dead animals was removed in the Tiber River. One day, the clutches of the clutches came out of the bag and one of the clothes got cluttered. He washed it and saw it, hey wow! I have been quite clean! The news went to other girls too. They also laughed at their clothes with the fat. Really It is very clean with clothes!

Since then, the use of Saban starts. However, many say that the Babylonians made the first soap.

Paper Clip

Samuel Fay had a great deal of trouble with his tickets. He wants them to be stuck with the clothes, they but how is that possible? Clothing can be torn off with clothespins! He made a strange thing by thinking about many things. Some of them have built X-shaped things together, which can keep the tickets in check. He saw that the cloth did not tear into the clutches. With so much ease, paper technology is very popular. The clips of this clip spread so much that on April 23, 1867, Samuel F. was rewarded as the inventor of paper clips. After that, the clips are more powerful and strong spellings. Name is James Clip.

Archimedes Themselves

Astronomer, engineer, mathematician – what he calls that! He has discovered this fun and interesting subject in the world. Seek! What do you think after Can not understand who is being told? Hey, he’s no other. Archimedes themselves Well, there is no such branch of science that he did not work. However, Archimedes is considered as a subtle discovery, but the Puli Many bulky things can be easily mounted with the help of the poultry. And Archimedes, the inventor of such funnier machines, is not a little funny person. He said once with his own Pauli, that he could raise the whole world as it did. If someone could give him a place to stand upright, then no one


At one time there was nothing called Zipper. The empty buttons use in all the clothes. Tired of making shoppers of all the clothes around. At the same time, people called Gideon Sunday to make people jeep and make everyone shine. All the button craftsmen became unemployed. Even though some 150 years ago Elias Haui created a thing similar to Zipper. Sunbeck made her zipper popular and familiar to everyone.


George de Maestral walked with his pet dog on a field in his country Switzerland. After returning from the ground, George found out what kind of small things he had on his dog. He could not get them out of dog hair even after many attempts. Eventually, he saw things well with a microscope. Hey! George surprise. This is part of a kind of tree. But how are they so tight on the dogs? In many cases, George realized that there are a few bits on the sides of the tree, with the help of a dog’s hair stuck. From that, George started thinking about it, George. After 10 years he finally made the name of the name Velcro. And now? Look around and see. Starting from your bag chain, there is velcro in everything.