Satellite – The World Transformer



The artificial satellite is rolling around the earth in such a way that the centrifugal or extrinsic force of its motion gives it the outer motion-but the earth’s gravity are not allow it to flow out of the Earth’s surface. Both strength balance the artificial satellite and the satellite is circling around the Earth. Since the air does not exist in the air, it invades freely. Artificial satellites do not navigate in circles, its speed is oval.

How It Works

Satellite and satellite transmissions and weather observations are usually located 36 thousand kilometers away from the Earth. The data is sent from the Earth using the radio waves, the satellite receives and amplifies send to the Earth. Artificial satellite uses two different frequency waves to capture and send the signal. Signals coming from earth to artificial satellites are very weak or low, so the signal is first concentrated using the dis antenna, and then receives the receiving receiver and used it for the necessary purposes.

Artificial Satellite Fuel

During the launch of artificial satellites, sufficient fuel is to take. Because there is no chance of refueling in space. However, some satellites use solar energy as fuel. The solar cells are earning on them, from which they accept the energy they need from the sun
The first artificial satellite

The credit of launching the first satellite in space was the former Soviet Union. The Spanish-named Sputnik 1, launched on October 4, 1957, was designed by Sergey Karaliov, [3] a Ukrainian name. In the same year, the Soviet Union launched the second artificial satellite Sputnik-2 in space. A dog named Sputnik-2, Lyca [4] was taken away. However, within a few hours of the launch, LICA died due to the error of heat control. The United States plans to send a satellite into space in 1945. Their plans were successful on January 31, 1958. Their first artificial satellite Xplorer -1 was launch in space. India’s first space satellite weapon

Meteorological Satellite

The first weather satellite Vanguard-2 was throwing on 17 February 1959. It could collect weather information and send it to the world. Tyros-1 was release from Earth on April 1, 1960, which was able to send pictures of Earth’s meteorological details in detail. In that year on November 23, Tyros-2 measures radiated infrared or infrared rays from the earth and collect weather photos. Hurricane Rather, a hurricane throw in the Atlantic Ocean, this is first discovering by the turrets throw on July 12, 1961. In those cases, areas that could be affected due to hurricanes are already warned. Many satellite satellites of this series are measure, which measures the temperature and determine the density of the electrons in space.

After the tireless satellite, Jesus and then the breath of the satellites were thrown into space. Shish-2 saturated fired on May 15, 1966, measured the balance of heat in the earth. Breath-1 provides a search for hurricane data. To prevent the loss of life and property, weather satellites already warn about hurricanes, floods, and fire. Almost all satellite clouds receive photographs. By submitting the news on magnetic tape and then transmitting the telemetry directly to the computer stored in the ground station. It is able to reproduce the images of them that forme on Earth during that time.

Clashes And Landslides

On February 10, 2009, American satellite Iridium 33 and Russian Cosmos 2251 satellites are crash. The event took place on Siberia’s 789 kilometers. NASA’s satellite scientist Mark Matney told the MSSBC channel that the fate of two massive artificial satellites was first occurring.

German satellites Rosetta sent to space in 1990 to find the source of a black hole, neutron star, x-rays, etc. in space. However, due to gravity, it can hit anywhere in the world between 22 or 23 October 2011, according to the German Space Station, DLR.


People have launched many artificial satellites for different needs, especially in the use of communication for satellite communications. Most television channels broadcast their shows through it. Besides, artificial satellites using an internet connection, telephone connection, networking on flying air, networking in remote areas, GPS connection, and other activities.