Brain Activity Appears To Continue After People Are Dead


How much later does all cellular metabolism stop!

Brain Activity continues after death. It continues more than 10 minutes. Doctors observed that a person’s brain continue to work after death. In the case, doctors confirmed their patient was dead through a range of the normal observations. the test showed that a person brain still continues to work after death. experiencing the same kind of brain waves that are seen during deep sleep.

The authors of the new study. published in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences.  the fresh discovery raises ethical problems. it is appropriate to remove donor organs in patients who appear to have died.

The rate of autolytic spread throughout the body. is dependent on the quantity of enzymes present. the dispersion in liver tissue. which is rich in these proteins. would take place much more rapidly than it would in lung tissue. which has a smaller reserve.

Only one of the four people studied exhibited the long-lasting and mysterious brain activity. with activity in most patients dying off before their heart stopped beating. But all of their brains behaved differently in the minutes after they died. adding further mystery to what happens to them after death.


When we’re in life-threatening situations, for instance, “we remember the time as long because we record more of the experience. Life-threatening experiences make us really pay attention, but we don’t gain superhuman powers of perception.”

The same thing happens when we hear enjoyable music, because “greater attention leads to the perception of a longer period of time.”Before the heart stopped beating the person shows most mysterious activity in the brain. all of their brains behaved differently in the minutes after they died.