The Car Can Be Hacked


Cars can also be hacked. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warned the automakers and owners of the technology that is in danger of being hacked because of modern technology. On Thursday, the two United States agencies warned about motorcycle hacking.

Hacking Risks

Especially awareness of the modern car parts of the Internet connection facility is important Talking about hacking risks in the automobile industry long ago Prior to that, in a magazine last year. After reporting the risk of a vehicle hacking, Fayat installed a software in 1.4 million cars in the United States. Last year, General Motors updated their security app in their Smartphone app. Because General Motors Hybrid Carriage in Chevrolet Volt was at risk of closing the car engine and stopping the driver.

BMW AG announced in 2015, they have removed a security problem in the car, which could exploit 22 million vehicles by attacking the hackers. The hackers could have stopped the car doors from far away.

FBI Said

The FBI bulletin said all hacking incidents do not create security risks. But if the hacker can take control of the car, then it becomes risky. It is important to take appropriate steps to reduce the risks.

In July 2015, NHSSE’s official Mark Rosekit said that the makers of the hackers’ risk of rapid hacking would consider. Then a report from Wired magazine said that hackers could take control of the remote Cherokee jeep in Fayat. However, in reality, there is no example of any vehicle hacking yet the NHTSA

Cybersecurity Issue

Automobile Manufacturers Alliance and Global Automakers Association, a US automaker, opened data exchange and analysis center last year. The alliance is working on potential hacking attacks on cybersecurity issues and in the car.

The FBI warned that cyber miscreants may send false emails to the car owners about the update of the car software. These emails can be like original software updates. Clicking on such emails takes you to harmful websites. Also tempting to click on attachments with harmful software