Robot Can Cook Different Kinds of Item


Robot Chef

Robot chef it is a new word for us. But science makes it easy for us. Today we talk about the new technology “ROBOT CHEF”.

Over time, technology has begun to touch every aspect. It has been possible to work hundreds of people in just a few minutes using technology. In the continuation of this, a US-based restaurant has appointed a robot as the head of the chef. Robot ‘Flippy’ is making burgers in the specialty of this restaurant.

About this Robot

A startup company in the UK has created a new robot. The special aspect of the robot, it is able to make food for you. The chef robot is currently very popular. Chef Robot will clean up all used items after cooking from food processing. The robot has 100 sensors, 24 joints and 20 motorcycles per hand. The Chef robot is able to do all the work as a chef by the microcracking process.

The UK’s Winner Team Anderson created a 3D model. This robot is using ZAR record. His movements are transcribed and instructed to work according to the robot. Users can control the robot through an app. There will be no problem for dinner or any other meal at any time. It is possible to prepare food at any time in the absence of home.

That kind of item it cooks

After appointing a robot chef at Calgary Burger Chevrolet in their Pasadena showroom, it is now thought that all those who have spread throughout the country will be able to appoint such robot chef. The authority hopes, this robot chef will be able to make every burger the same. As a result, buyers always get the same quality burgers.

Customer’s Satisfaction

Already winning the mind by making a flippy robot burger, an assistant is required to do his job. Flippy can do the rest of the job with Berger’s bread on the assistant grill.


Miso Robotics has worked to create a robot. The company costs 60 thousand dollars to build the robot.