James McAvoy deserves an Oscar For Split !


Split Movie Review

The split is a mysterious movie. Directed by M Night Shyamalan. You can say it is a  triumphant film. The movie wunderkind. The split can also as the wunderkind. Seems like M Night Shyamalan is the next Steven Spielberg.

It is a movie that can raise up the bar for the director as well as the actor. Shyamalan is the king in case of surprises.  His movies are a twisted tales horror story. He has written unexpected detours. The movie is shot in a village which is the downward spiral.

It is a movie about a man. Who consists of 23 personalities. But usurped by a 24th who is more animal than man. He is known as the beast. every actor wants to play  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. his previous role was professor x.

after that, he uses a few props (glasses, a woolly hat) but mostly conveys Kevin’s alters. He is the gay fashion designer. OCD caretaker and a sinister British matriarch to a tittering child. Who can change the voice expression?

McAvoy is dazzling.

throughout the movie, he plays funny, creepy, threatening, pathetic and monstrous by turns. he plays a nine-year-old child. who is an uncoordinated demonstration of what a nine-year-old might think are radical dance moves? The moments get unsettled Kevin get controlled. he got sinister personalities.

Betty Buckley the analyst could not reassure it. McAvoy playing the character named Kevin. kevin is a victim of child abuse. the torture gets him in this disorder. as an identity disorder. kevin has developed 23 distinct personalities.

some are more brutal than others.

The start of the film one of his personalities kidnaps three girls. He kept the girls in his house. which is an underground cellar. In the last scene, the familiar notes of James began. The camera glided towards a revelation. Which let out an audible gasp.