Comic Genius Charlie Chaplin’s 129th Birth Anniversary


The Filmmaker, actor, comic genius, a controversial figure Charlie Chaplin

Born on April 16, 1889

Chaplin was born as Charles Spencer Chaplin in London, England. The son of London music hall entertainer. Charlie’s mother fascinates him to cracking voice during one of her shows. His mother gives him the task to complete the job that she couldn’t. When he was just five years old, Charlie was first introduced to the stage.

As a child, Chaplin had to go through bad times

He lost his father when he was a toddler; his mother had the nervous breakdown and two brothers; Sydney(half- Brother) and Charlie had to roam around in London and collect pennies through their little dancing. Soon they both joined Eight Lancashire Lads, a children’s dance troupe.

After he turned seventeen, he, with some help from his friend’s Fred Karno’s company developed comedic skills. His brother had already become a famous comedian by then.

Charlie in no time came to be known for his bowler hat, out-turned feet, mustache and walking cane. After some time, he joined Keystone company and filmed a movie Making a Living, which he had the role of a mustachioed villain who wore a monocle.

Smile was the first feature of Charlie Chaplin in 1936. The scene features Chaplin encouraging his companion to smile and think only of the road ahead.

Many years later, the lyrics were added to the song by English lyricists John Turner. And thankfully, it did nothing to spoil the lovely message of the music. The two renditions of the track that became quite popular with the audience over the period of time were Nat King Cole’s version and the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s take on Smile.

His character Charlie the Tramp became a legacy and it signed for USD 1,250 a week. And got USD 10,000 bonus. It was in 1918 that he signed a contract with First National for USD One million for eight films.