Justice League Movie Review is it Worth To Watch?


Justice League’ movie was not worth it?

Before judging the film The audience should know it has already troubled the DC universe.  DC Extended Universe sinks down. The villain of the movie is kind of boring.

Maybe doomsday was better than this.  the whole movie seemed too pessimistic.   Both Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder failed at bringing Justice League into their first theatrical MOVIE.

There’s too much CGI, flying rocks, levitation, electricity, slow-motion scenes, metallic robotic-shifting and water in the movie. The slow-motion scenes with Flash only make the movie even more boring, and the villains are very generic.

Henry Cavill, who plays the big blue boy scout.  had finished shooting for Zack Snyder’s blockbuster.  gone on to do something that required a mustache.   In order to keep Super from looking like unfunky FREDDY.

Steppenwolf, the notorious conqueror of worlds, I felt his motives were shallow and cliché. I tend to enjoy villains with a dark.   It makes for more relatable, realistic, and quite frankly, more terrifying villains.  any of us could become the villain. Steppenwolf, although a worthy opponent for The Justice League, was anything but relatable.

Perhaps the Justice League franchise really has been rotten from the start, experiencing not evolution but entropy, with Wonder Woman standing as an anomalous glimmer of false hope.


I could be projecting, but boy does poor gal gadot look so sad in Justice League, watching this lumbering and witless movie lay waste to the nice thing she just got finished making. It really is a shame. What a dumb irony, to end this movie, of all movies, on a note of bitter injustice like that.

The most redeemable aspect of “Justice League” is its humour, which is mostly concentrated in the interplay between the title group.

Beside any scene involving Wonder Woman saving the day, the film’s humor was its most enjoyable part Recent DC films, barring “The Dark Knight” trilogy or “Wonder Woman,” such as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” have taken themselves too seriously and forced darkness to contrast with Marvel’s more comedic universe.