Mel B Said Stephen Belafonte Showed ISIS Beheading


Mel B Alleges Ex-Husband Showed Their Children ISIS Beheading Videos

Mel B has finalized the divorce in court. But after that drama goes on. It goes on for the ex-spouses Mel B and Stephen Belafonte. Mel b is the judge of American reality show  “America’s Got Talent”.  She is asking the court that to block Belafonte’s visitation rights with Angel Murphy Brown.

her daughter with  Eddie Murphy. As the documents were submitted it got a blast. Melb is former spice girl. She is now 42 years old. She claimed that her children were traumatized to watch gruesome videos of actual beheadings.

As Melb ordered to pay her husband $40000.

Melb added in the docx “When I was not present, Stephen thought it was educational or funny (I still do not know) to play videos of ISIS beheading individuals for Phoenix, Angel, and even Madison,”. because her daughters are with 19-year-old daughter with Jimmy Gulzar, while she shares Madison, 6, with Belafonte).

melb also added “This was entirely inappropriate for such young girls, who do not understand what is happening in the videos,” she continues. “Angel has repeatedly told me about these videos and that she was scared and frightened that Stephen would expose her to such gruesome images.”

So according to the reports melb wants to block  Belafonte’s visitation. The hearing has been set for later this month. Melb and her husband were married in June 2007 and were granted a divorce in December 2017. After that, the ugly breakup happened. she accused her husband of an ongoing pattern of physical and mental abuse.

also, they gone physically even slapping him with a temporary restraining order. so as a counter-attack Belafonte said back by alleging that Mel’s “drinking and drug abuse had been a major issue throughout our marriage.” Melb also claimed her husband drugged her throughout ‘much to most’ of the relationship.