PadMan Movie Review Menstrual Hygiene in a ‘Loud’


Heartfelt portrait of a feminine hygiene pioneer

PADMAN begins at a slow note. Although the characters seem to overreact sometimes. Akshay’s onscreen mom or random background characters in every frame, they look like they were simply lifted from a 60s movie.

But the films take you to a big picture. It is simply unpredictable. The film tackles the “shame” that our society insists on imposing on periods. The time when women is restricted. The time girls get banned from school. 

co-writer Balki and Swanand Kirkire have managed to put it all out exactly as it is. Some of the exchanges that Lakshmi has in the course of attempting to find a cheap alternative to sanitary pads. these also bring forth issues that our society needs to address.

things turn upside down in their lives as Lakshmi notices how his wife is ostracized from the house during “that time of the month. He gets the concern about his wife hygiene. because she was using dirty cloth for menstrual blood.

Thereafter, he promises himself that he will not let that happen to his wife and brings a disposable sanitary napkin for her. So from here, his journey begins. From what he becomes something from nothing.

Aksay Kumar makes you realize that why he is continued to be an underrated actor. despite such hard work. He going as far as wearing a pink ladies underwear and a pad to prove a point. he really pushed the boundary as an actor this time.

Radhika Apte portrays her part beautifully. making her character relatable to the section of women. Sonam Kapoor too lights up the screen with her candor and makes her presence felt in a significant role.

Balkis padman is a woman empowering film. The film gives you wings. It will free women of their inhibitions and that will be its biggest success. Period!