Best Sites To Read Comic Book


DC Kids

If you are searching for a website that offers comics for younger generations, this is probably the best place out there. Youngsters will enjoy the content, that’s for sure. While some various sites do have a lot more comics than DC kids, it still is the best place for kids who like comics.


Marvel doesn’t need any introduction. It is deliberated to be the pioneer in the comic world as well in the movie industry. Even those who are not deliberated to be comic lovers know some of the most popular Marvel comics including Spiderman, Deal Pool, The Avengers, and more. If you want to get your hands on these super famed comics, you need to head straight over its website. You can entry their comics on all platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android. They even agree you save up to 12 comics for offline usage. Once you click on the comic section, you will be able to browse the comics available on the website. There is also a choice to browse by series, character, creator, and event. You will easily search all the latest comics as well. To reach access to 20 000 + comics, the price is $9.99 a month.

Comic Book Plus

Here is another large website where you can read comics. Comic Book Plus has a great selection of comic strips and pulp fiction. All the content available here is free, so you won’t need to spend a cent but you still get to enjoy the comics. There is an item with the latest uploads, British story papers, comic book paper and more. In addition, you will search for non-English comics as well. It is free to browse the comics so make sure to visit Comic Book Plus. It is definitely worth it.


ComiXology provides you with a lot of various options which could be Graphic novels, Indie, Manga, or the top of the line comic hits. The website approves you to read thousands of comics for free but to get your hands on all the features of the website you need to get the subscription for $5.99/month which will approve you to read over 10,000 Graphic novels and Manga anytime and anywhere. You will also search for quick links on the right side of the screen which can be very handy. There are DC, Marvel Comics, Top-rated comics, love stories and additional.


Another website worth mentioning. This comic website approves downloading their comic content for free. New users need to create an account and log in – and once they do, they are good to go. You can freely browser comics and find something interesting to read. There are items such as latest uploaded comics, top-rated comics, and Most downloaded ones. You will also search Canadian comics, Avon comics, Columbia comics, and more.

Comic Blitz

Another great website where you can read comics. It has a massive collection of books, and it allows you to create bookshelves and custom lists. There is much series available which is great news for all the comic book lovers. Comic Blitz gives two options when it comes to subscription. There is a released plan which allows you to read comic books that fall into free issues only. On the other hand, you can go for a limitless plan that costs $7.99 a month but with this plan, you can read as much as you want.

DriveThru Comics

DriveThru Comics has a lot of released comic books you can read. Browsing the offer is super simple. Once you look over their website, you will see “Browse categories” on the left side of the screen. There, you are able to browse the comics by the audience (adult, general, or kid-friendly), genre, product type, and format. There are also comics available on other languages such as Franch, Spanish, Italian, etc.