Some Awesome Features Of iOS 12


Emoji and Animoji

With iOS 12, you will get the opportunity of using more Animojis, especially tiger, ghost, koala, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can wink to any Animoji or add a tongue if you wish. However, this is not all as you get another amazing option called Memoji in the new update. With an opportunity to enhance a real character that resembles you.

And different features such as the color of the eyes, hairstyles, and more distinct options such as freckles. You can hardly ask for more. Apple has also added fun effects to augment the iMessage camera allowing the users to add filters, texts, shapes. And stickers to the photos they send during the conversation. Insertion of Emojis and Animojis in the photograph is another striking feature of iOS 12. Users can now maximize the opportunity of recording with their Animojis for thirty seconds when compared with the ten seconds available before.

Screen Time

What’s Google’s version of “well being” features are Apple’s version of Screen Time, and it is available in iOS 12. With this option, you can get an idea of how much you stay engaged with the iOS devices and the apps that consume more battery.

With this feature, you can set the limits, and the device will warn you when to sign off. When more notifications arrive at night, you can prevent them from coming to your screen until a certain time. For kids, the parents can also restrict usage during bedtime or at a certain time during the day with apps such as Snapchat. When you want to swap the activities between the iPad and iPhone, the activity stays synced across these devices.

Searching for lyrics in Apple Music

You may not be the one to remember the title of the song even though you manage to remember the lyrics. It is easy to search songs through the lyrics in Apple Music now and you can sing or dance all the way.

Using app switcher easily

With the introduction of iOS 12, there is no need to long-press the card in the app switcher and tap on the minus button. What you need to do is to swipe up once and swipe on the app again when you wish to come out of it.

Mute notification

Even though the Do Not Disturb app is readily available on the iPhone devices, most people forget to switch it back. However, you can long-press this button in the Control Center and come across three pre-sets that are new. You can turn it on until you leave the place or evening. Siri also provides suggestions on Do Not Disturb related to the events. When it recognizes that you are in an event, the app is turned on through a notification.

Delivering the notifications without sound

With the new feature Deliver Quietly. You can choose to get them delivered without the harsh noise of pings that disturb you throughout the day. It does not delete the notifications no matter what happens but sends them to the Notification Center without the hammering noise.

Improved password management

Amidst a variety of password features. The new iOS 12 shows those passwords that come from the third-party password manager apps into the QuickType suggestions on the devices. Users can now share their passwords easily between the Mac and iOS devices.

Introduction of measure app

If you want to get direct measurements of the objects in the surroundings. All that you need to do is to tap the object while dragging out a line and the measurement appears on the screen.

Enjoy watching Apple TV

Users of Apple TV can now add a tile to the Control Center in iOS 12. You can smoothly swipe to the menu of the Control Center and tap on this icon.

Improved Photos

The iOS 12 has introduced Search Suggestions that bring the photos to the limelight according to the events. It can index more than four million photographs according to the time and place.