Best 10 Free Games From Microsoft Store

506 is a classic converted. If you were a youngster throughout the 90s, then you doubtless played the previous Snake game at least once. Well, the is a reinterpretation of it, which you can play online against other players/worms/snakes. The game is easy. You start from being a little worm, you eat things, and you get massive. You’ll be able to cross your tail however if your head touches another worm/snake, you explode, and you have got to start over. DWH DWH

The game is fun games to play, and if you are nostalgic, you are going to like it heaps. Even if there’s no story behind it and nothing complicated about the method it’s played, it manages to interact you in brief bursts. What is annoying about it are the ads shown everywhere. Otherwise, it is a fun game to play, for at least a few minutes each day.

Microsoft Minesweeper

It is virtually not possible to have heard about Microsoft Minesweeper. It’s a classic puzzle game that has enclosed in Windows for over twenty years. The Windows ten version includes the classic game, in fact with updated graphics and sound, further as a brand new game mode referred to as journey Mode and daily challenges.

Microsoft Minesweeper DWH
Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Bingo

It is a free-to-play game that transforms the classic game everyone knows into a virtual game. The basics are similar, but the theme is about traveling the planet and sees places starting from Paris to the beautiful barrier reef.

Microsoft Bingo DWH 1
Microsoft Bingo

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is a fast game with attention to zombies. You want to fight to survive during a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll be able to customize your character, build a shelter, craft weapons, upgrade your skills, and then on. The game allows you to play in groups with others or fight against them in player versus player battles. While you’ll be able to play this game while not paying a dime, you’ll be able to spend real cash on in-game purchases conjointly.

Dead Rivals Zombie MMO DWH 1
Dead Rivals Zombie MMO DWH

Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft board game is the classic game within which you have got to match tiles to win. The games use updated graphics and sounds, and there are four different levels of difficulty to match even the most skilled players. There are also various visual themes to choose from and daily challenges to keep you going.

Microsoft Mahjong DWH 1
Microsoft Mahjong DWH

Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator 14 is a free-to-play game in which you must prove your skills in agriculture. You get a farm and its fields and start cultivating and harvesting plants, feed cows and sell their milk, sell grass or chaff at a biogas plant and so on. The game looks incredible, and the machines which you control have pleasant details, although the game is rather old.

Farming Simulator 14 DWH 1
Farming Simulator 14 DWH 1

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a free collection of card games originating from the original Solitaire. Solitaire has been a gift in Windows for over twenty-five years currently, and it remains one in every of the foremost worshipped games ever. Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection DWH 1
Microsoft Solitaire Collection DWH 1

Craft Pocket 3D

Craft Pocket 3D is crafting games are in which you create whatever you dream of, using blocks, ores, and other resources. You can build buildings, cities, explore the labyrinth, jump over abysses, collect food, grow food, and whatever else you might think. Unfortunately, the ads can be quite annoying.

Craft Pocket 3D DWH 1
Craft Pocket 3D DWH 1

Microsoft Treasure Hunt

Microsoft Treasure Hunt is a small game is a modern remake that takes the basics of puzzle-solving characteristics of Minesweeper and blends them with a new adventure story. The first objective of the game is to save your hero from all types of hidden dangers and monsters while collecting gold coins.

Microsoft Treasure Hunt DWH 1
Microsoft Treasure Hunt DWH 1

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Word Games may be a free assortment of word games: Crosswords, Wordament, and Jumble. Crosswords come with multiple board sizes and difficulty levels. In Wordament you need to find as several words as you can on a 4×4 grid of letters. And Jumble gives you a rack of letter tiles from which you must create Logos. You get daily challenges in each of the games, and you can also play Wordament in multiplayer if you want.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games DWH 1
Microsoft Ultimate Word Games DWH