Jolla Launches Sailfish OS 3 at MWC 2018


Sailfish OS 3:

Finnish company Jolla has just released Sailfish OS v3 at MWC 2018 conference in Barcelona, Spain. It is their third-generation operating system. The independent smartphone os this time focuses on 4G smartphones.For Sailfish v3 Jolla is giving full assistance for regional foundations including strong announcements & operating system upgrades, services to build independent R&D centers, training, local hosting, and a soft feature set to support particular client needs.

Sailfish v3 will also have increased protection features and opportunities. The new Sailfish OS v3 is said to start working out in points during Q3 this year for all licensees and customers. As for the phones, Jolla has declared that its Sailfish OS is now supported on over a few phones and devices including feature phones, tablets, wearables and many more. This company wants to take this from the level of independence to the next level. Also, want making it a solid option for different corporate answers.

Sailfish Operating System v3:

The Sailfish Operating System v3 has support for Xperia XA2 and this phone released in MWC 2018. “In help with Sony Open gadget event, Jolla will make Sailfish operating system available for the Sony Xperia XA2. By the Sailfish X program fascinated tech heads can buy an official approved Sailfish X license. Install the operating system on their brand new smartphone Xperia XA2.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project. A crowdfunded smartphone device will also be receiving the support for the Sailfish operating system. A tablet coming from a Russian. The tablet brand name is INOI. It is also joined in the Sailfish operating system portfolio. The tablet has two variants main difference is screen size. one screen size is 8-inch and another screen size is10-inch.

Sami Pienimaki is a CEO of Jolla. As for the 4G devices, Jolla said that What sets Sailfish operating system apart from its opponents in the feature smartphone section is the ability to do low-spec hardware configurations. And also able to still run chosen Android apps.