UK Cyber Security Certification Pilot Launched


UK Cyber Security Certification:

The LDSC (London Digital Security Centre) has published a pilot of the United Kingdom’s 1st police-backed cybersecurity certification plan.

In addition, The national plan releases in partnership with SBD, the national police crime-stopping persuasive. And it is supported by The Mayor’s Office for Crime (Mopac) and Policing, alongside The Metropolitan and City of London Police.

At the heart of the 2, section certification plan is Cyber Essentials, a government-backed industry-supported plan. To support organizations guard themselves against general online threats.

Guy Ferguson is a chief executive officer at SBD. He told police crime-stopping actions have always answered to increasing and emerging crime designs with novelty and creativity.

Guy Ferguson also added that they are happy to be working nearly with the LDSC (London Digital Security Centre). To develop new systems that will improve support people and online businesses.

Chris Diogenous is a chief commercial officer at the London Digital Security Centre. He said around half of the little businesses in the United Kingdom have been the victims of cybercrime in the past twelve months. Then Chris Diogenous also said still the overwhelming majority of cyber attacks can be abstaining using easy measures.

He also added for the 1st time, United Kingdom businesses can exhibit that they have taken the essential measures to protect the information they hold. And decrease their overall vulnerability to cybercrime.

However, the certification plan has two awards. The 1st award, Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification, will count and check cybersecurity suppliers. To guarantee supply chains are lively.

Therefore The award will release with 7 early adopters. There are SecurityScorecard, Titania, Xtina, the IASME Consortium, BlockPhish, CyberSmart, and Yoti.


Mopac found the London Digital Security Centre. As a joint venture with the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service. It is a not-for-profit organization

However, the London Digital Security Centre works alongside the National cheat and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre to assist stop businesses being the victims of cybercrime.

Finally, the London Digital Security Center provides free fair advice and guide to businesses. To assist improve their digital security and allow them to work in a protected online situation.