7 Tips For You While Doing Online Transactions


Online Transactions:

Safer Internet Day is celebrated on every year on the 2nd Tuesday of February. This year Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. Online transactions becoming popular day by day. In cases of hacking, malware, debit/credit card frauds, online bank frauds and many other dangerous crimes are on a rise. So, it is necessary to be always on guard when treading on the paths in the digital earth. Your one wrong/careless action can guide to a huge financial trouble. Let’s talk about eight things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Cyber cafe:
Never doing online transactions from a cyber cafe. Also a shared pc/laptop or through a public Wi-Fi network.

2. Use your personal PC:
Always use your personal computer or laptop with enough firewalls and anti-virus software. Keep updated your PC every week. Always check virus with anti-virus.

3. Use a strong password:
Never choose an easy password. While selecting the password for your online transactions, strictly follow the instructions which is provided by the mutual fund, bank etc. Avoid using the name, birth dates, anniversaries or close friend name, phone number.

4. Be careful about emails:
Never use email to send info like PAN number, Aadhaar number or more. Always care about emails about private financial information.

5. Never click on any link:
Always avoid clicking on any link that comes in an email. Even if any links display that come from a genuine source.

6. Never share your password:
Please never share your passwords with anyone. Never share your passwords with unknown people and social media.

7. SSL link:
Always check for Secure Socket Layer(SSL) or https online transaction website. The https means that the site is secure.