Microsoft Office 365 Gets New Security Features


In a bid to save peoples from ransomware and phishing scams, Microsoft is rolling out new safety features. This features for the Personal and Home versions of its Office 365 suite. The latest security capabilities include ransomware detection, email encryption, and recovery and files restore features.

Kirk Koenigsbauer:

Kirk Koenigsbauer is a Corporate Vice President of Office 365 Client Applications-Microsoft. He wrote a blog post late on Thursday. He said, “Today, we’re publishing new advanced security capabilities coming to Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home. Office 365 subscribers to support further protect families and individuals from online threats.”

Ransomware has become a frequently diffusive attack method in which cybercriminals ‘lock up’. And block access to files in an attempt to extort money from victims. Koenigsbauer added, “To assist protect clients, we are offering two latest capabilities that permit you to recover your files if they influence by a malicious attack.”

The latest email encryption feature in suggests an attached layer of security and guarantees end-to-end encryption of peoples email.

Software Giant:

The software giant added,”When you use email encryption, your email remains encrypted over a safe connection-minimizing the threat of your data being intercepted or leaked to hackers.”

Describing the files restore feature, the company added: “Files Restore permits you to restore your entire OneDrive to a past point in time within the last thirty days. You can use this feature to recover from an unexpected mass delete, ransomware, file corruption or other catastrophic events.”

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The latest Office 365 can also identify ransomware attacks. And it assists peoples to restore their OneDrive to a point. So they don’t have to submit to hackers demands. However, the software giant Microsoft added, “As these threats amplify, we are always developing detection capabilities to assist keep you secure from the most advanced ransomware.”