Several New Products Of Google


The ‘Google IO 2019’ was held in Mountain View, California, the USA from 7 to 9 May. This year the company has unveiled a number of new products by Google.

Google has organized annual developer conference ‘Google IO’ every year since 2008, based on US-based technology company Google. Through this conference, the world’s largest technology company has come up with new surprises. New products announcement as a part of this surprise. There has been no exception in this year. The ‘Google IO 2019’ was held in Mountain View, California, the USA from 7 to 9 May. This year the company has unveiled a number of new products. Developer Conference Google IO 2019 became the screening of the inaugural speech of Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Psychic. More than half of the developers involved with Google’s IT and IT-related volunteers participate in it.

Android Q

The announcement about some of the features of the Android operating system Android Kwei has been announced in this conference. The new operating system Q will have a dark mode feature. Using dark moods provides a lot of comfort in the use of night devices and simultaneously the phone’s battery costs less. In addition to the Android ‘Q’ version, text messaging will now be stacked in a bubble form like Facebook Messenger. The ability to track the location of apps will also be reduced through the new OS Apps can detect the position of the user only when it is turned on.

Android Update Speed

Speed ​​of system update has become a major headache for Android users over the past year. But the Google IO 2019 system has received a piece of very good news about the speed of the update. Firstly, the speed of the Android pi system update has increased by 10 percent, and Google has taken a new project to mainline to speed up the speed of Android updates to speed up important security updates.

XL In Pixels 3 And Pixels 3

Google has unveiled the new two phones of the XL Lite version in pixels 3a and pixels 3 In pixels 3, the phone has a 5-inch display, whose resolution is 1080 by 2220 pixels. Snapdragon 670 is the processor. With Adreno 615 GPU Its battery power is three thousand mAh, which supports 18-watt fast charging. The phone’s rear camera has 12.2 megapixels. There are 8-megapixel cameras in front. Lite version is not available. XL has a 6-inch display at pixel 3, resolution of which is 1080 by 2160 pixels.

There is no difference between pixels 3 in pixels 3 in pixels of processor, camera, storage, and RAM. There will be three thousand 700 MAH backups. The metal body wasn’t used to reduce the price of the phone. Instead, there is a plastic body. There is no gorilla glass in front of the display, but the Dragon Trail. Two phones can found in black, white and purple colors. The price of the phone at pixels 3 is $ 399. XL price at pixel 3 is $ 479 Already the sale of the phone has started.

On Google Map AR

It’s time to get around the vicinity of a new city on a holiday and find the place on the map. But Google is going to make walking navigation easier by adding AR Aro to its ‘Google Map’ app. Users can just walk on an unknown destination, following this arrow.

Nest Hub Max

The new edition of Google’s Smart Display Home Hub has announced the Google IO Conference. The new device names Nest Hub Max. It has a 10-inch long display. The built-in camera will be 6 decimal 5 megapixels. There will also be two stereo speakers. Green will be an indicator to ensure users do not have to worry about personal safety.

This indicator lets users understand if the camera is on or off. If you want to keep the camera and the microphone off, press a switch on the device. It will feature a viewing of weather information, YouTube videos, Google Assistant and Nest Security cameras video footage. Nestbab Max’s price has been priced at $ 229

Google Lens Translation Feature

In this year’s conference, Google announced the introduction of some new Google lenses. Users can view, read, and translate information around Google lenses. Users will be able to translate to any device with ‘Google lenses’ in 14 languages. This new feature will have a huge impact on millions of users, especially in developing countries. Only 100 kb of data will use to access this feature.

New Generation Google Assistant

Google is going to bring some changes to their virtual assistant app. Google Assistant will not occupy one-third of the screen due to the presence of voice command in the Navi Bar from now on. Instead of web-based services, there will be a whole system directly on the smartphone. Google Assistant will be working outside the network or airplane mode. Special modes can be found on Google Assistant during driving. These features will include in Google Assistant in the next few weeks.

In order to turn Google Home or Google Assistant speaker or alarm and timer on, we need to give voice commands to Google Assistant. However, it was a bit painful to stop Google Assistant with this voice command. Google is going to make this process easier by introducing Google Assistant-powered speakers and displays in English-speaking countries.

Smart Headphones

Google Assistant’s headphones are very quality. But still somewhat rare and in most cases is expensive. So, Google plans to build Qualcomm smart headset Following Google’s upcoming design, manufacturers can easily create Google Assistant and Google Fast-Pair Supporting Headphones.