Artificial Intelligence Mobile Phone Driving A Car


At the end of the ongoing buzz for a few months, today, Germany opened a new flagship smartphone series Met 10, Met 10 Pro and Porsche Design Met 10 at an event in Munich. The Huawei Kiren 970 processor, rich in artificial intelligence, has been using in these, which adds new dimensions to the devices.

Huawei Met 10 smartphones have real-time on-device artificial intelligence apps

The artificial intelligence that the processor supports, is quite loudly said that the organization said. Huawei Mate 10 and Met 10 Pro models have used to create smartphones of both the Kirin 970. Huawei could not find the proper use of this processor. The big camera can use the app. It is possible for many processor smartphones. Huawei M110 made by this process designed to drive a non-driving car to prove that the processor can work with artificial intelligence.

Under its RoadReader project, Huawei said it has used its Mate 10 Pro device to conduct intelligent object recognition to distinguish between thousands of different objects including dogs, cats, balls, and bicycles and “learn to take the most appropriate course of action

The smartphone adds to the Panamera Car Dashboard in a Porsche.

A camera is added to the hood. The car is ready, how will it test? Experimental driving will be two steps. The car will run slow speed of five miles per hour. During this time, there were three artificial obstacles in the street and in the streets. In the first step, in the second leg, Porsche will walk 30 miles per hour on the same street.

The experiment was successful in the launch of Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Successfully overcome the obstacles Huawei has no desire to work with unmanned automated auto technology. They just wanted to show the power of the processor. They ended it successfully.

Like the other driverless vehicles. Which only detects hurdles, Huawei transforms a Porsche.