Smartphone Addiction Signs And Symptoms


Smartphone Addiction:

The phone users who are less emotionally durable and suffer from depression. And worry is more likely to be the addict to their phones, according to an analysis. Feeling durability is characterized by being emotionally resilient. However, the study finds that being less emotionally stable was attach to problematic phone behavior.

People who fight with their mental fitness are more likely to intensively handle their device as a form of treatment. And that the less honest people are, the more likely they are to be the addict to their device. As levels of stress increase, problematic device use also rises, the decisions showed.

Zaheer Hussain is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby in Britain. He said in an announcement that Problematic phone use is higher complex than previously thought. And our analysis has highlighted the interplay of multiple psychological factors in the research of device use.

Then Hussain also said that this is because users may be feeling problems in their lives such as pressure, anxiety, worry, personal problems, so in that state they are emotionally weak, meaning they may seek vacation in very obsessive phone use. This is depressing. For the research, a team of psychologists directed an online study with 640 phone users, aged between thirteen to sixty-nine years, to find out the connection between phone use and self-traits.

Hussain note:

However, the results explain that users who are “close off” or less open with their emotions are more likely to have difficulties with phone use. Hussain noted that they may be attractive in passive social media use, where you spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, browsing other users comments, posts, and pictures, and not engaging in discussion with others and not posting anything of your own, so there is no true positive social communication while social media.