Keep Track Of Child’s Online Activities


In recent times, the involvement of teenagers and young people has aggravated many parents. Some of the worried parents may be tracking the child’s movements. Someone says that the abuse of modern communications with the internet is the abuse.

It is difficult to stop the kids from using the Internet or computer. At the present time, as well as stupid. It can reverse in the opposite direction. Some people, however, want to keep it under surveillance with the freedom to use them instead. These thoughts of conscious and modern parents must praise. But how many times a boy or a girl will peep into the house? And what are the ways of those who are doing jobs or business?

Today’s Kids Workplace

The kids are no longer lagging behind. The kids take it that their guardians will not take good care of what they see or do online. So they also delete the online history when they are deleted. Besides, if you stop using the internet or computer at home without fear, the child may be friends or cyber caffeine without telling you.

According to a recent study, 70 percent of parents do not know, the children find out irrelevant and irrelevant content online. It is not the end here, it is frank but true that many of the children an involve in cyberbullying, and many other immoral acts and about them.

Time To Be Aware

It is necessary that all parents should be aware that this incident is occurring somewhere in some places or not, almost every day. In this case, the use of good quality antivirus with parental control can be the ideal solution. As well as keeping track of the child’s online activity, it can counteract any online fraud with cyberbullying.

REVE Antivirus

Revive Antivirus is the latest in the development of Reve Systems, a Bangladeshi technology company, although many antiviruses are available, including parental control in the market. Apart from blocking any site from the browser, there are also category-based blocking; Adult, gambling, etc., there are over 50 categories.

The category-based blocking facility is that if you block a category, you will no longer be able to access any of these sites. You can also block time-based blocking at any given time or week, hours or even minutes.

Parental Control

However, the biggest benefit of Rev. Antivirus’s Advanced Parental Control is that you can monitor in surveillance mode without blocking if you want to have children’s online activities. After launching Servelex mode, if you select a category from the PC then you will get a notification on the mobile. It is completely sent to your child knowingly, so there is no possibility of it being tactful or arrogant.

Safe With Online Safety

The biggest advantage of internet surveillance is that it allows you to persuade the child to visit the illegal sites later on and avoid being away from it. Apart from cyberbullying safety, tell the child to be safe and secure online. Tell him why the computer is online or what he needs to do. Explain to the social media what, why and how to talk or communicate with them. Above all, do not blink, guide the child to be like a friend.