Microsoft Takes ‘Project Sangam’ To Middle East


Microsoft Project Sangam:

In a bid to bridge the widening skill gap, Microsoft on Monday declared the expansion of the abilities of its Cloud powered “Project Sangam” to Africa and the Middle East. Released in India by the company CEO Satya Nadella last year. However, project Sangam is a Cloud hosted stage that leverages Azure services. And also professional networking program LinkedIn to assist new entrants to the job market. Allowing key stakeholders across the skilling ecosystem locate the right talent.

Anil Bhansali is a Corporate Vice President of Cloud & Enterprise. He said in a statement “Lack of experienced resources is one of the key subjects. That governments across the globe are facing. There is a big scope for technology to come in to address. The skill break that exists in the workforce today”. Nadella released “Project Sangam” to assist the Indian government not only train but also help people to get jobs via LinkedIn that was earned by the company for 26.2 billion dollars in an all-cash deal in 2016. “Project Sangam” was started from Andhra Pradesh.

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Operating Director of Microsoft India:

Bhansali is also Operating Director of Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited. He added, “‘Sangam’ is the 1st project that wields the joined strength of LinkedIn and Microsoft to tackle the challenge of how to give every person the chance to skill themselves,”. As part of the spread, Microsoft South Africa and the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) have released “Thint’iMillion”. It is an online mass learning way. Part of the “Tshepo 1Million Digital Mass” learning programme. However, the “Thint’iMillion” programme will deploy on “Project Sangam”. Allowing young people to access content via an on phone application (only for Android people), tablet mode (Windows and Android) as well as an interactive web portal.