Microsoft Skype To Offer Call Recording Feature


Microsoft Skype:

Microsoft has published that it is operating on a new feature for Skype. The firm will soon roll out the call record feature in this apps. Which will also help integration from third-party applications including Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix. In a blog post, the firm posted that the Win 10 and Mac peoples will be able to record their calls in case they switch their PC Skype client over to the “Content Creator” method to record, place, import and edit recordings using applications like Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Moreover, peoples were also given an option to choose any third party software which they favor to use and the application will help integration with that. Apart from the new call recording feature, the app will also allow live streaming a call on YouTube channel. And twitch stream allowing peoples to customize the look of the call. The blog post also added, “peoples can customize the look and feel of the call so they can be part of a live display ready for streaming to viewers of all sizes.” The company will uncover the new call record feature of Skype next week at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

Send Money Feature:

“There’s no necessity for additional recording or screen capture solutions. Skype will give clean feeds of all group video call members to your selection of NDI-enabled software,” it added. In August last year, the company added the capability to send money using this app. The company partnered with PayPal in order to introduce the send money feature in this app. Presently, the feature is live in twenty-two countries including Canada, US, UK and European markets. The company adds that the sender must have the latest version of the Skype app, in order to send money, while the receiver can have any version.