How To Fix 3 Annoying Pixel 2 Features


The Pixel 2 is a truly great smartphone, but there are a few characters that are annoying. Pixel 2 has become my go-to smartphone since I started handling it a few of months ago. Highlighting a regular Android install the phone’s software is the best currently available and a pleasing step up on the skinned versions of the OS. Let’s talk about three annoying features with how to fix them.

Now Playing history:

When Google released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, it also published a different lock-screen feature called Now Playing. When a Pixel 2 is sitting idle and there’s audio file running nearby, the singer and audio file name will display up at the foot of the screen. It’s a great comfort, but it’s listening history feature is missing. With the released third-party application that problem is resolved. Install the app and go to the setup process, then in future, you want to get the audio file that was playing at the known store you find it.

Screen color:

There was a big drama about the Pixel 2 XL’s display at launch. Some users criticized the color saturation of the phone, while others found it to be only excellent. Still then, Google finally published an update that supports you to set the color saturation of the display to your private love. Open Settings then go to Display. Then go to Colors and tap on the different options. Choose the setting that sees best to your eyes.

Squeeze pressure:

I don’t know about you, but I regularly trigger Google Assistant with the Active Edge function as I pull the Pixel 2 out of my bag to open it. That means alternatively of opening the home screen or seeing an app’s information, Google Assistant greeted me. The likely criminal is the quantity of force needed to activate Assistant, which, thankfully, is flexible. To adjust this go to phone Settings. Then go to System then go to Gestures and finally go to Active Edge.