Take A Look At The Best Android Launchers


Launcher Hutch, Some other feature of the phone, is the name of the launcher, the features of the iPhone will also be available on your Samsung phone. That’s why you have to install the launcher apps. The Smart Phone Launcher is completely unobtrusive because after purchasing a smartphone, you can install the launcher on your phone to make it look worse without having to look the same because these launchers are better than all launchers. Using these launchers will make your phone more super fast.


Why Use A Third-Party Launcher?

Because when we do not need the default launcher for our Nies, we refuse to use the default launcher, only then do we start using the third-party launcher. Third-party launchers are tailor to suit our needs so that we are sure that they will not choose. And there’s no problem with using a third-party launcher.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the great Android launchers in the Google Play Store. I have been using this abuser for the last four years. It’s a lot of speed launchers. This launcher folder and icons very decorate. In it, you can change the symbol of the eps and the name of the eps. Using this launcher will benefit you a lot, and your smartphone will become smarter. It can use in almost all Android versions. And if the color of this launcher is not your favorite, then there are many other free themes of this launcher that you can use freely.


Evie Launcher

A few new features have added to this launcher. The funny thing is that the new locking feature has added to Hum Escreen. And to create a short cart of the Kuno Eps, click on the Epps and the rate will create in the cart. A launcher has many more launcher features and features.

Apex Launcher

1.1.1+ Launcher launches for people. You can lock your phone’s apps in this launcher. And a launcher too fast, you can give your phone home iScreen a lot of styles. And it can use very easily. There are many advanced themes in this launcher. And optimize your device. You can try it out with a lot of fun launchers.


Niagara Launcher

This assault is a brand new launcher. This launcher has a very clean home screen, and it is a very fast launcher, and it has a lovely feature while the one-handed use option can be enabled so that your phone is more convenient to use. And also excite the eps.

Smart Launcher 5

This launcher has upgraded. And it added a new feature, which looks pretty cool. One of the fun features of this launcher is that it changes the theme when you launch the launcher, and when you set the wallpaper, the launcher will change its color and make your phone more beautiful. And in this launcher is Smarter Search. High-resolution wallpapers. This launcher is very nice in the canteen.

Microsoft Launcher

With Microsoft Launcher, you can customize your smart device with wallpapers and theme colors and icon packs to suit your style. And everyone knows Microsoft Kompany, and they made this launcher. So everyone can download and view this launcher, it’s a great launcher. And all the wallpapers in it are in ASD quality.


ADW Launcher 2

This launcher is fully supported only on Android 4.1 version, and it does not fully support the lower version. This launcher is excellent because of the new super ASD wallpaper and new effects. Hopefully, everyone can download and view this launcher.

Google Now Launcher

This launcher is a pretty good launcher, much like the Nova launcher. It has many features, many more features, including virus optimization features. It has many Google features, and you can download and watch it.

Rootless Launcher

Above this launcher is Google’s search bar. And this theme can select the theme as the wallpaper. And there are many icon packs.


Action Launcher

Action Launcher is a beautiful launcher for Android phones. This launcher has many different features. Take a look at the features, the color and theme of this launcher is very nice, which is more beautiful than other launchers, and the theme of this launcher will impress you. And it has a variety of color icons and a Google search box to search. There are many beautiful widgets. And Epps’ simple cart can make it very easily.