Edge Browser Must Be Used in Windows 10


Microsoft Edge, built-in Internet browsing software on Windows 10 operating system.

As a market share of 4 percent, which is much lower than 59 percent of Google Chrome’s market share. But recently Windows 10’s insider preview build 17623 Skip Ahead version has added a new feature to the test-based Microsoft. Which will force you to use Windows’s Edge Browser in some cases? It has already started discussion and criticism about it.

Experimental setup

Experimental this feature comes with the Windows Mail app. Which is included in the Windows 10 operating system? It has new features, including integration with Cortana, annotation tools, and a reading mode. This is a new addition to the experimental, the more email you use in the Windows Mail app, clicking on all links in the incoming mail will open just in the Microsoft Edge Browser. Whatever your default browser is given on a computer, clicking any link in the Windows Mail app will open it directly in the Microsoft Edge Browser. That means, the Windows 10 Mail app will not show an option to choose an instant browser.

The final version of the Windows 10 Build 17623 skip Ahead will be the next major update to the OS, which may come on the market in September this year. Various regulatory agencies, such as the Competition Commission of Europe, will probably not accept any such feature to impose such a browser, though Microsoft claims Windows 10 provides users with a safe, faster, and power-saving experience. But the choice of choosing a browser might eventually add the mail app.

In the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft Windows 10 adds new features to users’ feedback. After seeing the views of everyone, there are many changes-enhancements in the features. Now we will have to wait a few more days to see if something similar happens to the Mail app. Because the decision to impose a browser does not accept.