The Game Returns Your Memory


Scientists have developed a computer game capable of bringing back the memory of people suffering from dementia. Scientists at the Alzheimer’s Research UK, a researcher at the University of Mississauga, developed a breakthrough game.

Sea Hero Quest

A person with a memorial in the name of ‘Sea Hero Quest’ will be playing a sailor. For him, there will be a challenge in the windy waterway. While passing through difficult ice, ignoring all obstacles and proceeding with proper guidance. The game was design to help researchers to understand the mental process of 3D navigation. Which is one of the first skills lost in dementia? It was hope that a large number of people would play the game. Thus contributing much more data that could easily be obtained in a laboratory experiment.

Neuroscientists Of Information

Neuroscientists say that it is not just playing, when the person is playing, there will be numerous information-data collections. Afterward, data-data will evaluate. The memories lost in young age will also come out.

Professor Christoph Holster, chairman of the Cognitive Science Department of Zurich, Zurich, a science and technology university in Zurich, said, “This will give us an opportunity that can collect with a lot of information-data, which is not possible through any current technology.

According to the BBC, now around eight thousand people living in the UK are suffering from memory disorders, which can stand up to 40 thousand by 2050. Most of those who are suffering from memory disorders have symptoms before being completely ill. ‘

Experts say that no medicines have invented so far, which can prevent or prevent memory loss. But it is known to all that if doctors find out what kind of symptoms. The patient had encountered before becoming ill, then they can continue the treatment.

Neurologists presented the game in 2016 for the first time at the international level. Deutsche Telecom, a German company, is financing the implementation of this project. Their primary goal is to bring the people affected by memories under examination.