The First Phone With A Diamond Screen Could Be Coming


Diamond Screen:

A cell phone parts producer is building up the first screen made of diamonds in the United States. Your next cell phone has a screen made of diamonds you need to wait until 2019. Screen breakage is a common problem for the phone users. The company gave the name of the glass is Mirage Diamond Glass. Glassmaker firm is working with a cell phone company to put the glass through stress tests and make sure it can respond to the touchscreen.

Mirage Diamond glass is developing and manufacturing by Akhan Semiconductor. New Mirage diamond glass would stronger and harder than any other glass. Laboratory-grown diamonds is the main component of Mirage Diamond Glass.


The diamond glass is shiny and expensive and also the most durable. The new Mirage Diamond glass will almost unbreakable screen in the world. All present cell phone screen glass is a combination of aluminum, silicon, and more. Diamond is capable of transmitting any signals like electric signal. Samsung and Motorola are claiming to be shatterproof, including Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active and the Motorola Moto Z2 Force. Many cell phone models are still prone to shattering the screen. Screen technology day by day developed. The company ensures screen touch functionality is working without lag and response without lag. The company confirmed their next goal is also reducing glass light reflection rate. Recently This Diamond Glass is tested by some device manufacturers. But the company keeps secret smartphone names.