SpaceX Launched Its HighSpeed Internet


SpaceX Launching Its First Test Satellites To Bring Internet To Billions Around The World

SpaceX is pumped up for a course. with the piles of earth biggest telecom and satellite manufacturing companies. it has already developed its “Starlink” network of satellites. as it is going to examine its first satellites.

those satellites are Microsat 2a and 2b. as this satellites are heading forward to orbit aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. this two satellites will take the next step into space. as the progress will get critical. on Saturday, it made its plan to launch on Sunday.

which will be of interest for performing the final check.

But hence it got rescheduled for February 21st. Still, it has more big ambitions which will be ahead soon. For this projects which going to work. Seems like the advanced communication and navigation between the satellites will be there.

As it needs thousands. but for SpaceX’s case. More than 10,000. Sats to cover enough area to be efficient. but in some places where broadband access is limited. This thing will give a  new option for getting online. It’s true that no technology can top fiber-to-the-premises internet.

As this ambitious projects to build constellations of small satellites to cover the globe in high-speed connection. It will help the division. We cant relies on this. Which can be an excuse to stop investing in long-lasting. for standard infrastructure. the idea back Starlink is to use satellites at a much lower orbit to cut down.

As it will be too close the surface of the Earth. As they will see far. so its kind of huge number required to cover the whole earth. the project itself under consideration by the FCC.  fcc chairperson has recently said  Starlink would be “on such innovation … to provide high-speed internet to rural Americans.” this license will provide more high-speed internet. said by Ajit Pai the chairman of fcc.