15 Content Curation Tools For Content Marketer


Content curation can assist you to find interesting subjects. It helps you to fix the interests of your target fans. There are many tools accessible for content curation. Let’s talk about 15 content curation tools for content marketer.

Content Curation Tools:

This tool helps you to collect helpful bookmarks and select options to share all in one place. Specify tags and groups for articles so that you can find them that much easier later.

Feedly helps you to curate blog content that can be used as resources for future posts. This tool helps you to stay on top of the hottest conversations and create content based on the latest trending topics.

Trap. it:
Trap.it pulls in relevant third-party content from all over the web including industry research, insights, and trends.

Topsy scours Twitter to analyze social trends and analytics in real time.

Buzzsumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.

Quora is fast becoming the platform for finding out what people want to know Quora is a gold mine for insightful perspectives on hot topics.

utopic organizes saved web pages with one click into specified related genre areas.

Last 8 Content Curation Tools:

Storify allows users to search or browse content from social media sites in order to follow specific stories. This tool highlights some of the notable articles surrounding any given topic in real-time.

Swayy organizes all curated content from your social network and other interests and presents them in one place for you to peruse.

You can type specific keywords into Pinterest and browse through the results for the number of repins and comments. The higher the engagement on certain pins, the better the image, title, and content have performed.

Used by more than 2.5 million marketers. It allows you to search for content according to the keyword, share curated content directly to your social channels and embed everything you find on your page.

it provides related keyword suggestions for a given keyword you can use this as a guide. To find more relevant and targeted search results.

Head singer:
This tool helps you to follow certain categories of content online which sorts news articles for you in an organized way.

Prismatic organizes content in a way that speaks to your personalized interests and presents each recommendation automatically for you.

Spundge helps you set up keywords and find great content that is relevant to your audience.