WhatsApp Android Beta Version Timestamp Bug Fixed


WhatsApp Beta:

Just a pair of days after WhatsApp beta for Android was spotted replacing timestamps with ASCII codes, the development team has released the latest beta version that fixes the odd problem. It was found that the bug was only affecting the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 that was published on April 12. The bug was not limiting the chat expertise but was annoyingly replacing timestamps bearing “Today” and “Yesterday” with ASCII codes. WhatsApp users require to either sign up for the beta programme on Play sideload or Store the APK file.

Version 2.18.109:

As noted by the folks at WABetaInfo, the first characters of “Yesterday” and “Today” on the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 were replaced by “84ODAY” and “89ESTERDAY”. It is value noting here that the ASCII code of the alphabet Y is 89 and alphabet T is 84. Therefore, the bug was basically changing the first alphabets of the invaded timestamps with their ASCII codes. It was also all-diffusive in nature – displaying the curious timestamps across WhatsApp Status, calls, and messages.

The WhatsApp team pointedly found to know about the bug soon later it was reported online and brought its fix on April 14, Saturday. We were capable to notice the fix later installing the WhatsApp beta version 2.8.113. Which was the new build at the time of filing this story?


If you are among the users who were annoyed by the defective timestamps. And also you can download the new WhatsApp beta version on your device by visiting Google Play. You can also download its APK file straightly from APK Mirror. That being said, as it is always recommended. You should eliminate downloading beta version software on your devices to find a sleek user expertise.

In other change, WhatsApp was seen experiment the Group details feature. As the name suggests, this feature enables users to add up to 500 characters statement for any group.