Top 5 Worst Prisons In The World


Nobody wants to go to prison. There are some prisons that you, don’t want to immure as an inhabitant. In jail is one of the problems, staying alive is the bigger issue. Here are the 5 most dangerous prisons in the world.

Carandiru Prison


The body count was sky-high at this notorious Brazilian prison. While riots in 1992 triggered a massacre of the general population by local police: inmates. Who had already given in and surrendered to police. History of 46 years over 1300 people dies in this jail. Reign of terror by prison officials stopped in 2002. When the prison closed, amidst campaigns from Amnesty International. Reports of gross human rights violations that could not quiet by Brazilian officials. Threatening was not the only thing in this dark place. An AIDS epidemic at the facility spread rapidly, with as many as one in five suffering from the disease.

Tadmor Prison


The death count may not rank Tadmor Prison as number one on this list. The violence of the Tadmor prison is so merciless. I felt sick when reading about this prison. Many prisoners described this as a “kingdom of death and madness”. In 1980, when an assassination attempt on the President, prisoner made to pay the ultimate price as commandos landed at Tadmor in a helicopter. When guards are not busy tying up inmates and dragging them to death, they can be found chopping up body parts in one of the prison’s several courtyards.

La Sabaneta Prison


Venezuela is known for its barbarous prisons. Where violence is a daily occurrence, underpaid staff, little medical services, and insufficient food and care. La Sabaneta is the evil place, where cholera outbreaks have wiped out 700 inmates in1994. Death is the major thing in this prison where one prison killed another prison by fighting like archaic.

Diyarbakir Prison


This prison cited for its human right violations, while it crosses the line into a true atrocity. For excess torture, both mental and physical practiced at Diyarbakir 34 prisoner lost there live in 1981 to 1984. This prison is infamous for the sexual abuse of the inmates. Prisoners start hunger strikes, fire-up themselves in protest of prison conditions, and committed suicide for this Turkish facility.

La Sante Prison


Whistle-blower and former prison official Veronique Vasseur, this prison was a hellhole, where prisoners were forced to live out their sentences in concrete cells full of rats and lice. In this prison, weaker prisoner routinely enslaved by stronger, and rapes is a daily event at the prison. In 2002 122 prisoners lost there live by suicide and 2003 73 more lost there live by suicide.