Twitter Is Pleased To Support The Honest Ads Act



Twitter today covenanted to support a proposed parliament bill that would need technology stages that sell advertising space to publish. The source of and amount of money paid for political ads. Called the Honest Ads Act, the bipartisan bill was first submitted back in October by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Sen and Mark Warner (D-VA). John McCain (R-AZ).

The regulation of online political advertisements is one of the extended, material effects of Russian thrusting in the 2016 US election. In which thousands of fake Kremlin-linked accounts use to plant propaganda, sow unbelief, and stir up heated debates on divisive political problems into the American populace primarily through social media.

Political Ads:

Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook. Which said previous week that it would make troublesome changes to its political ads policies into the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal to decrease wrong information. And also prevent bad actors from co-opting its stage. Those changes, in permission with the Honest Ads Act, include need advertisers targeting Facebook users over hot-button political matters like gun monitoring to verify their identity and area. Ads also will subject to a “political ad” label. A mix of human controller and artificial intelligence-powered algorithms will scan the site to flag ads that need the label. Sens. Warner and Klobuchar called on Twitter and Google to dedicate to the Honest Ads Act just yesterday in the wake of Facebook’s announcement.

As part of its clearness efforts, Twitter says it’s launching a new stage called the Ads Transparency Center. Or ATC, that will go beyond the needed of the Honest Ads Act. And also eventually provide increased transparency to all advertisements on Twitter. Twitter says the platform will increase transparency for political and so-called problem ads. Which target specific topics like gun and immigration control. By providing even more information on the radix of an ad that needs by the Honest Ads Act.


We have a dedicated team that is fully resourced to implementing the ATC. And also promised to launch it this summer, the company states. Twitter is moving onwards on our commitment to providing clearness for online ads. We trust the Honest Ads Act provides an accurate framework for such ads. And also look onwards to working with bill sponsors and others to continue to refine and advance this significant proposal.