Twitter May Destroy Third-Party Apps In June


Third-Party App:

The people backward third-party Twitter clients Talon, Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and Tweetings are warning users that their apps could miss significant features like an auto-refresh and push notifications timeline in June. The problem is that after June 19th. Twitter will be deleting the streaming services that have enabled developers to implement these functions in their software.

Those services will be replaced with an Account Activity API. But so far Twitter has not allowed outside developers to engage in the beta testing of that API. Even in a better-case scenario, it would only possibility refund the push notification side of things. It sounds like third-party Twitter clients just won’t have any applied pathway of offering a live-updating timeline anymore. You will watch suspension in real-time updates during sporting events and breaking news, the developers say.

Destroy Third-Party apps:

They are raising the problem now in hopes that Twitter will offer some kind of problem resolution before the mid-June cutoff. That’s possibly only going to happen if the company hears enough complaints about until another decision that. However the technical reasoning might be, will finish up hampering the functionality and request of third-party Twitter clients.

Some of these apps offer local software on stages that Twitter itself has decided to divest. I myself am a user of Tweetbot on Mac, even if I usually stick with the official app on phone. Jeff Seibert, Twitter’s former director of product, says it would be a “grave error” if the company does nothing.


The software developers are anxious that many folks do not attain that their most favorite Twitter app is about to Interval. So awareness is the first step. Both, we may be capable to find Twitter to constructively address this situation of affairs before the June deadline. You can tweet your own thoughts with the hashtag #BreakingMyTwitter Or If you want to sound off, @TwitterDev is the account to @.