Elon Musk Removed His Facebook Account & Pages


Elon Musk:

By a tweetstorm, Elon Musk has removed two of his companies. Facebook pages after challenged to do so by a several of his peoples. The Facebook pages of two first one are SpaceX and the second one is Tesla is now deactivated. Both of his pages followers almost 2.6 million.

Deleted Pages:

Musk was answering a confuse of tweets today’s afternoon when he reacted to one from Signal’s Brian Acton. Co-founder of the Facebook-accommodate WhatsApp. That arrested the #deletefacebook hashtag. “What is Facebook?” Musk inquired. Since a page’s followers told Musk he should erase SpaceX’s Facebook page if Musk was the man. Musk asserted he did not even know it subsisted and then said he would. He obviously in an try to preserve his status.

Belongings ballooned from there. After anyone displayed Musk a screengrab of the SpaceX Facebook page. He wrote it was the first time he had seen it. And that it would “be gone soon.” Then anyone prompted Musk to delete Tesla’s Facebook page. With Elon Musk responding that it looks gammy anyhow. And must for good dimension. It feels that the Facebook page for Tesla Heliacal City has fused as well.

Musk’s large Facebook giant comes on the heels of an especially is not good this week for the associative media company. It was published that Cambridge Analytica. A consulting strong that tasked on President Trump’s election campaign. Had extremely earned data from fifty million Facebook users. The backlash has unresisted from then. With Facebook users displaying anxiety over the neglected for their secrecy and government officials demanding all questions answers.


In face of the anti-Facebook stance, Elon Musk is taking. Both pages are Tesla and SpaceX are still breathing on another social media as like Instagram. Which is possessed by Facebook? Most probably Elon Musk will eliminate that stage too if he is the man.