Rare Is Always Valuable


Rare Things

Famous writer Rolf Dobelli once went to a coffee house at a friend’s house. There, on one side, adults were talking together; on the other hand, three were interwoven with each other. There was some marble with him. It seems that if marbles can cool the babies, then it is not bad. He spread the marbles on the floor. I thought peace will now establish.

What’s that? The turmoil increased further. The children got involved in a conflict between themselves. Why this dispute? It was seen, one of the marbles is blue in color. And the kids are strapping on it. The size, shape, and luminosity of all marbles were the same. What was the specialty of the blue marbler? There was one specialty. Blue marble was different from the others. There was no blue marble on there. He laughs at this childish behavior. And he thought, how young children’s thoughts are funny and irrational.

Gmail Account

He did not think this incident would happen in his own life. After several years. Since 2005 Although social media is not the Internet, the internet is taking place in the lives of people in full swing. The e-mail service still meant Yahoo, Hotmail. Google did not even play in the field. Google announced in August that they will launch their own email service. As soon as it reported, Ralph Dubai became crazy for a Gmail account.

At that time Gmail account was very tight to open. If there was an invoice for someone who already had an account, then the account could only open here. The thing became more expensive because of this. Not that there was no email account at that time. Not even that Gmail was ahead of everyone else in terms of its service. Only a small number of people are getting this benefit – this idea encourages people to be more lured for it. Recognizing this incident, he still smiles and thinks that he is no exception to those children of that day. Maybe all of us have hidden a child entree.

There is a verse in Roman named Rara stunt car. Whatever is rare, it is valuable. Scarcity error or misery is the same as the history of human history. You went to a real estate agent to buy a plot near Dhaka. The place is now underwater. But he told you, in five years house, school, college, the hospital will grow all over here. He said to you, this plot came to an engineer living in the United States yesterday. Do you believe her? He might have just said this lie to see you playing. False may be a little bit, but its impact is widespread. When you come home, you will not be able to take out the fish’s spice and Elisha’s eggs. You will see in front of the eyes, an engineer who comes to pick a piece of land. You will then give a platter booking.

Personal Experience

Talk about personal experience. I and my wife very much liked the talk. When we sat down to eat raw or raw mangoes or something like this, it became our reason for the last part of Maqa. Not even the beginning, not the middle truck. The fun of the last meal of the pot is not comparable to anything else.

Professor Steven Orchell took an initiative to test the scarcity of scarcity. Participants in the exam divided into two parts. Give the first group a whole biscuit to eat the whole biscuit. And the second group gave only two biscuits. After the meal, the participants said, to rate the cookies. It was found that people in the second group enjoyed more fun than biscuits. This test was done several times. The same results found every time.

Special event poster tells us, ‘Just for today’. Art gallery owners take the opportunity to get rid of this scarcity. They wrote ‘Sold’ on most paintings by red markers. As a result, the rest of the paintings seem to us very expensive and rare.

The Zoo authorities wrote in their brochure, ‘The last chance to see a rare species of jarring’. You never had a hobby to watch a hippo. Not a rare species of hippo. But the last opportunity to say After getting caught in this last opportunity, you went to Tanzania by flying a plane ticket to see a hippo.

We collect stamps, coins, old cars. I know that they are not any work. The post office does not take old stamps, the bank does not take old coins, old cars cannot take to the streets. Still, we did not buy them. The only reason is that they provide less.

In another test, students asked to rank ten posters on the basis of merit. Once ranked, they will be able to keep a poster with them as a reward for participation in the exam. Five minutes later, it was said that the poster will be given to number three in the ranking, and it will not be given to anyone. Now you have to rank ten posters again. The poster that was removed was suddenly seen as the most attractive to everyone. This phenomenon called reactance in the language of psychology. When something goes out of our reach, suddenly it will appear as the most attractive to us. At the beginning of the famous English TV series FRIENDS, Rachel Ross not very respected. Whenever the juice fell in love with another person, Rachel started eating her honeybee.

This incident also called Romeo and Juliet Effect. Love does not mean any obstacles And whatever forbidden, love also increases. It’s not just the love that happens, it’s not. In America, undergraduate students are so rattling drinking alcohol? Why are the numbers of alcoholic numbers or so much in these parties? That’s the same reason. Drinking alcohol prohibited under the age of 21 years. And there is more attraction for what is prohibited.

Due to the lack of shortage, we can not think clearly. Whether it is product or service, the evaluation should only be worth its price and what it is useful to me, on it. Whether the product is going out quickly from the market, not on the basis