Interstellar Space: Where Someone Has Ever Been!


We have seen many of the critically acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar. It has been shown that NASA scientists are planning a homeland on a new STAR system as the world becomes inaccessible. Astronauts use spare time-fabricated wormholes to go to that star system. The wormhole is a hole or holes that can be used to get theoretically away from light-years.

Interstellar’s Bangla translation turns out to be ‘the antichrist’. In the night sky, we see billions of millions (100 billion in the Milky Way galaxy and 1 billion trillion in the whole universe), the interstellar space between the two stars is the interstellar space. Our own solar system or solar system consists of 8 planets (excluding Pluto) and their satellites, each star system has its own planets and satellites. Because our star system stars are the sun, our star system is called the solar system. On the other hand, different stars and their planetary satellites are called the system or star system of that star. Our solar system is also a star system, the star of the system is the sun.


The stars system closest to the Sun’s nearest star or solar system is called Alpha Center Star System. His star system was developed centered around the star center of the alpha center like our star system, which is centered around the sun. However, like our solar system, the alpha center star system is not one of the stars. Rather than three! Alternatively, the alpha center star system has three ‘sun’. Among them, the name of the proximal center is the name of the star near us.

What is the distance from our Sun to Alpha Center Star System? Before knowing it, we have to understand whether we have the ability to understand this distance. Space is so vast that the ability to understand its vastness does not actually have the human brain. With known human molecules, earth distances, miles away. So the measurement of the distance of the space of space is only a few numbers for us. For the example, the distance from the Sun to the alpha center is 4.4 light-years. But how far is this distance? If we tell our understandable person 44,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers. But still, we can understand the magnitude of this distance? I can not understand how much distance is this distance?

If we try to reach the alpha center star system using the most advanced technology in hand, that means 56,000 km per hour. If you run out of speed, it will take 86,000 years to reach the Alpha Center! And this is the ambiguous account of reaching our nearest stars or stars from the sun. If we have two trillions of stars in the night sky if it is so much, how big is the universe?

That means we are actually trapped in our solar system forever. Seeing another star, outside the sun, in the current technology, the past of our power.

Then Why Are You Going To Visit Interstellar Or To Star?

There are many theoretical answers to this question. However, the content of this article is about the actual aspect of interstellar travel. Due to human limitations, it may not be possible for any organism in the world to reach the Alfa center by going for 86,000 years. So the machine is not? The machine does not have lifelike animals. Could not we make machines, but for us to go to the Alpha Center to go the interstellar distance? The answer is yes, yes, and we are on the same path.

40 years ago in 1977, NASA has left the Earth for the spacecraft, from Voyager-2 to the Cape Canaveral Launchpad in Florida, USA. After 15 days, NASA’s another spacecraft, Voyager-1, was flying from the same launch pad. The primary purpose of both the spacecraft was to study Jupiter and Saturn. Astronauts reached the planet on Thursday and Saturday after 3 and 4 years respectively. Although not in the initial plan, after the study of Jupiter and Saturn, the spacecraft carried two routes to Uranus and Neptune. Then the path to further distance from Uranus and Neptune. So far, in the history of human history, the voicemail is the most distant spacecraft. Pioneer 10 and 11 before our voices crossed our solar system. On 17 February 1998, Voyager-1 crossed Pioneer-10.

On August 15, 2012, after 35 years of flying, Voices – 1 entered the interstellar space for the first time, surpassing the solar system. And just a few months before entering Voices 2, on November 5, 2018.

The interstellar space is much like the No Man’s Land in the World. No Man’s Land is a neutral part of the two countries that have no specific country, as well as interstellar spaces in the middle of two stars which are outside the system and effect of the stars. The space between the Sun and its nearest star Alpha Center, for the space station of the Voyager, is 40,000,000,000,000 kilometers.

Voices-1 and Voyager-2 have been moving away from the Earth for the past 41 years at 55,000 km / h in every moment. During this long time, the spacecraft has crossed 17,000,000,000 kilometers of roads. In human history, nothing man-made made no difference in this distance or distance. No man-made material has ever traveled so fast. Voices do not have any man-made objects ever entered in interstellar space. Voices are two of the earliest craftsmen in human history.

At this moment, Voices-1 is running behind our solar system and is running at the Alpha Center Star system at a very fast pace. On the way to the world, numerous information, data, data sent to the world. However, our contact with the vigilantes will not last long. Like everything else in the universe, the fuel supply of the Voices space is also mortal. After 41 years of busy life, the life span of the spacecraft is running out quickly. Scientists have begun shutting down the devices within the spacecraft to keep them alive for a few days. In this case, the camera was shut down for memory saving in 1990, the camera of the Voyager-1 spacecraft. Then there are many more instruments to stop fuel.

At the moment, using the minimum fuel, the navigator continues to communicate with scientists in two worlds. In the last 2025, before we got silent for the last time, we could hear the beloved voyager. Then all silence Newton’s motion will be swept away in the way of silent, neutral, unlimited space, the infinite way. After the 86,000 year-long tours, the Voices-1 will reach Alfa Center. But in the meantime mankind may not exist on earth. Or the world will exist on the planet any other planet! Different Star System!