Big 5 Extinction In Our Earth History


The meaning of the word ‘extinction’ is undoubtedly known to us. Any animal that has been extinct from the Earth means that the last animal of that species has also died. When such extinction occurs, it is called mass destruction. Most of the creatures of the world have been extinct, during these great extinction periods. Generally, some animal species disappear every 100 lacs annually. But during the mass upsurge, thousands of animals became extinct from the earth. The number of animals that have passed on the earth today, sadly 99 percent of it’s disappeared!

Extinction In History

The history written by humans is only a few thousand years, but the history of the world is 460 billion years. In this long time, millions of species of animals have lived on the only known planet known to us. But 99 percent of the people lost their time in 99 percent. There was a time in this tremendous time when the time was transformed into a whirlwind and the creatures of the world were lost forever in such squabble as helpless. Specifically, just about five times in history, the ocean of tremors has turned into throats, the streams that destroyed the world’s wildlife. And nature has played the role of the main controller behind the creation of such a lethality of mass destruction. Ever since the massive volcanic eruptions, large-scale geographic changes, climate change or large meteorological collapse, these mass extinctions.

However, mass destruction destroyed the diversity on one side but also diversified. After every mass extinction in history, ‘Speciation’ or speciation and evolution have seen very rapidly in nature. Generally, after each mass destruction, there are numerous vacuums in different ecosystems of nature. A few survivors of the disaster then tried to take the vacant position. As a result, the same species of animals, which previously forced to live in limited places, based on limited food, have the chance to spread themselves after a mass upsurge and keep the others in place and food chains. For the sake of food, for housing, for hunting, for everything, competition is the lowest.

Scientists have repeatedly reminded that a process of mass extinction is going on like the last five masses that occurred in the world. If not alert now, the incident of the sixth mass extinction can happen. But today’s discussion is not about the sixth mass killing. Let’s go today, in brief, with the five mass tragedies of history.

1.Ordovician Mass extinction

The first mass extinction event in the history of the world occurred 440 million years ago in the Paralejayak or the Puravibya era. In this mass destruction, 85 percent of the living creatures in the world are destroyed. At that time, the world was unable to develop fully into the world. Nevertheless, the first life was spared more than 300 million years ago in the Ordovician era. By the time of the transition to the Ordovician period, the marine creatures were almost on their way to the full development. Even landless plants also started to flourish in full swing. But then only a horrible ‘continental drift’ became a haphazard movement. The final change in climate comes overnight, which still exceeds the level of tolerance to the livelihood of the developing world.

Ordovician mass extinction occurs in two stages. In the first phase, the world began to be a long ice age, when the whole world’s climate became too cold, most of the water dropped below the ice level. At this time all the animals in the land killed, and many other marine species died. But the end of the ice age was also not comfortable in any part of the rest of the water surviving animals. The end of the ice age was so fast that the long-lived surviving creatures did not have time to adapt. Even if the water level of the sea water melts rapidly, the amount of oxygen in the water didn’t maintain at normal levels. At this stage, most of the sea creatures are extinct. Only some marine autotrophs are able to survive.

2.Devonian Mass Extinction

The Ordovician massacre was not the last living catastrophe of the conquered age. Two other disasters still left. One of these happened in the Devonian stage of this era. After the first mass destruction, this second massacre took place in a relatively short period of time. Approximately 375 million years ago, the Devonian massacre took place, which was only 65 million years after the first extinction. The creature still remained in the initial stage of development from the ruins of the Ordovician mass extinction. In the meantime, when 80% of the aquatic and terrestrial animals disappear from the earth when the Devonian slaughter eradicated.

3.Permian Extinction

The Playa era is probably the most tragic era for animal life in the history of the world. Approximately 250 million years ago, in the last chapter of this era, there was another massacre at the Permian level. And this disaster known as Parmesan Ganbuphipti is the biggest extinction in the history of the world. 96 percent of the creatures existed at the time when the Parmiyan disappears from the world in mass destruction. What is the aquatic or terrestrial, all the creatures have gone around the earth from the stairs to the eternal path, in the phase of the extinction? Scientists have not been able to specify the reason. Very likely the volcanic eruptions and large meteorites caused the death of such large numbers of organisms. However, according to most researchers, this phenomenon caused by both volcanic eruptions and meteorology.

The amount of methane increased in the air, in many cases, the weather of the earth became disqualified, and the temperature increased more than any time. And because of these things, except for a few animals, by the disappearance of all the people passed away, the era of the ages, the advent of the Mesozoic era.

4.Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction

Triassic mass upsurge started when the tragic phase of the Mesozoic era reached the final moment of approximately 200 million years ago. This mass execution made chronic and less damage than other mass extinctions in history. Basically, tricolor mass means more than one small mass mobilization. During the last 18 million years of the triangular phase, these small incidents of mass extinctions took place. And at that time, 50 percent of the organisms present in the animal kingdom lost.

And the only reason for this mass destruction is the volcanic eruption At the end of the triangular phase. There is so much of volcanic eruption in the world that a large part of the land flooded in basalt or volcanic flood. Many terrestrial creatures destroyed in it. In addition, due to a large number of volcanic eruptions, methane increases in the air, changes in large-scale climate, pH levels in the water, somewhere higher than normal, decrease somewhere, the situation is so adverse that the existence of a large number of creatures gone.

5.Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Last year’s history of mass extinctions in the history of the world occurred 65 million years ago. This mass assembly is the longest break in comparison to other people’s extinction. This is also the case with the most known and extinct incidence of the greatest extinction of scientists. This great tribulation draws dividends between two long periods. In the last chapter of the Mesozoic era, the Cretaceous stage and the first chapter of the Synovial era, this mass extinction occurs during the Tertiary stage, which called the Cretaceous-Tertiary massacre. 75 percent of the organisms in this mass destruction took place in the world, including the most known name ‘dinosaur’.

The reason for this mass destruction is clear and precise than the others. A massive meteorite or an asteroid that began with the fall of the extinction, this extinction. The massive meteorite or asteroids that burned the aquatic creatures on the other side of the earth’s atmosphere friction, killed on the other side, while on the other side the land animals also killed. The animals who were safe from the explosion also did not survive. Because, due to the fierce explosion, the atmosphere surrounding the creatures filled with dust and toxic gases in the troposphere. As a result, most of the creatures die.