That Application Is Harmful For Your Phone


What Is Harmful?

The smartphone is infected with malware And it’s coming out to get an app from the Google Play Store. However, the Google Play Store app is safe. But ignoring some of their eyes, some apps are becoming malware on Android smartphones. They have already been marked. Google has deemed a total of 7 apps terrible.

Basically ‘Safasalab’ identifies ‘Andr / HiddnAd-AJ’ malware. There are lots of ads coming in apps and ads are not safe at all. The cybercriminals get the profits that are sent through these advertisements and click on them. Learn the apps here. Although Google has said that the apps have been removed from the apps. Still do not be cautious. If you have already downloaded it to your smartphone then delete it. And do not ever download at the store.

Applications Are:

1. QR Code Free Scan:

Remove the application named QR Code Free Scan. It has at least 5 million downloads and up to 10 million downloads. You can also have your mobile.

2. QR Code Scanner Pro:

Be careful with the QR Code Scanner Pro app. It has been downloaded at least one million times and maximum 5 million times.

3. QR Code Scan Best:

Remove the QR Code Scan Best if you download it. Do not download at the store. It has been downloaded at least one million times and maximum 5 million times.

4. Barcode Free Scan:

Also, beware of QR Code / Barcode Free Scan (QR Code / Barcode Free Scan)! It has downloaded at least 50 thousand times and maximum one hundred times.

5. QR & Barcode Scanner:

QR & Barcode Scanner Similarly horrible. It has downloaded at least 10 thousand times and maximum 50 thousand times.

6. Smart compass:

Beware of apps named Smart compass. It has downloaded at least one thousand times and maximum 5 thousand times.

7. Smart QR Scanner:

Remove Smart QR Scanner and Generator It has already downloaded at least 5 times and maximum one thousand times.