10000 Black Holes Exist In Center Of Milky Way


Thousands of Black Holes May Lurk at the Galaxy’s Center

Scientists have said that the surrounding of the black holes situated at the galaxy. Which also included milky way. There are thousands of black holes. After two decades of extensive searching. The researchers have found little evidence for support this theory. Recently a journal was published.

That provides some evidence. This theory is correct. The theory and in that study the team from astrophysicists led by researchers from Columbia University. They said the SMBH at the center of the Milky Way using data. From NASA’s X-ray Observatory. so observing this discovery. The researcher said there must be around 10,000 isolated black holes. And between 300 and 500.

The binary black hole systems two-object star systems. in one of the components is a black hole within three light-years of the Galactic Center. As the most of the holes are solitary. As some image showed passing stars in their huge gravity fields. So this images started the binary system in a process dubbed ’mating’. Crucially which setting some stream of x-rays busts.

This xrays can be noted on earth.

Dr. Hailey said Isolated. Unmated black holes are black.so looking for isolated black holes is not a smart way to find them. If we could find black holes that coupled with low mass stars and we know what fraction of black holes will mate with low mass stars. We could infer the population of isolated black holes out there.

Scientists had long suspected that as many as 20,000 smaller black holes were orbiting the galactic center. But as the name says black holes are not simple to see. To get out of this scene the astronomer’s team is looking for stellar binaries. those ones with black holes that paired with stars. In this scene matter from the star gone into its ultradense partner.