Podcasting App Anchor Can Now Find You A Cohost



Fresh off its redesign as an app offering a suite of tools for podcasters. Anchor today is rolling the latest feature that will make it simple for people to get someone to podcast with Cohosts. As the name implies, the app will now connect you sometimes instantly. If people are obtainable with another person who’s interested in talking the topic you’ve chosen. The result is a more glamourous podcast where a conversation is taking place among two people, rather than a monologue.

Podcast App:

We give people the ability to choose a topic that they want to discuss on their podcasts. And also the product will find work attempt to match you up with anyone who wants to talk about the accurate thing. An explains Anchor CEO, Mike Mignano. At first, Anchor will attempt to match you with anyone who’s also nowadays in the app, he says. If it’s not capable to do that, then it will notify you when it gets a match through an alert on your mobile. We’ve developed an intelligent matching method to make sure there’s a high likelihood that you find matched up with someone that wants to talk at the similar time, Mignano notes. The topics users select can be either broad like politics or hyper-specific and narrow, the company says.


While earlier, the app was focused on recording audio, Anchor 3.0 is meant to be a podcasting suite in your pocket. The latest version includes recording features with no time limits, a built-in library of alteration sounds, free hosting, support for voice messages a call-in like a feature, tools for adding music, and a push button expertise for publishing to share your podcast to whole the top stages.

Mignano indication that a future version of Anchor may include much flexibility on the number of cohosts. You can conceive us doing something like if the user specifies the matter. They can indicate how much people they want to have a conversation with, he teases.