Rampage Movie Review


Dwayne Johnson fails to save this monster film

The man can be a former of a US Special Armed Forces soldier. He is an ex-member of a worldwide anti-poaching force. And he is a primate specialist, a gorilla whisperer. He is able to detect abnormalities in neuron synapses from one glance at a tablet.

Director: Brad Peyton
Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

All it requires is one to be Dwayne Johnson

His Davis, one of the powers above, could be a super-product of some genetic re-engineering himself. No, he is not the specimen under the microscope here. Maybe that would be a wolf, a gorilla, and a crocodile. The super-animals, with improved agility, strength and regeneration powers, and grow to be multiple times their size, after they inhale a green gas emitting from a canister. That has space fallen off, out of an escape shuttle that exploded. But while a scared astronaut was trying to escape, another lab-raised monster.

Experiments of the movie go more spectacularly wrong have seen by us before. The Rampage movie tries to go one step further by starting with monsters in space and ending with monsters on the ground. But the film then does little with any of its three — but forgetting one impressive leap out of the super-wolf, a few heartbeats out of the super-gorilla, and almost nothing out of the super-crocodile.

The main three creatures seem to be haunting no more than Davis. A good-hearted geneticist, that who mistakenly worked on the genetic editing. That brought these creatures to life.

When the gorilla actually goes on a rampage. The danger is never up close and personal. And a few dented cars and one unlucky grizzly bear are about the extent of his victims.

The name of the owner of this company is Akerman. She has got this circus going by sending that shuttle into space. After then She conducting those genetic editing experiments it calls ‘Project Rampage’. She may have millions, but she thinks all this will earn her some more.