Doesn’t Fear Stop You?


If you think of reading the title, I’m talking about winning the fear of ghosts, then this article is not for you. The text is only for those who are confronted with a dilemma of decision making in many areas of life. Those who can not understand how to decide for the next step of life or go to the point of decision for fear, come back, this article is for them. In other words, people will see two different types of lives. One is the one who is very optimistic. They do not take any tough decisions.

They can solve any problem very quickly. Another is the extreme pessimistic. If you decide to make the decision, then the extreme danger. The time is right for them to decide whether they should step in front or not. They cannot overcome fear in any way. Why does this fear work? What is the way to salvation? Let’s try to know the answers to these questions.

First of all, let’s know what is ‘fear’. In general, fear is of two types. One is the fear of anything around us. For example, the fear of being burnt in the house, fear of theft, fear of an accident in the street, or the sudden attack on someone suddenly, the fear Again, fear of something unknown or miraculous happens to it. Here only the dangerous events have said. Another type is that it is not dangerous from some other way. But still, our fears work on things. For example, preparing for the exam, standing in front of everyone for presentation, job interview. These things are not so much that will cause us a lot of harm. But still, the fear of many of us surrounds the moments. but why?

A natural tendency of human beings is to fear the unknown. Think of a dark room. Normally you are afraid to fall in that house because you do not know what is waiting in front of you. So fearing unknown is not unusual. In the primitive era, people were afraid of being hunted or fighting, There was always the fear of life and there was a danger of physical problems. Now that fear has gone from the heart of many people, the place has taken a new kind of fear – ‘anxiety’ The problem that can not be taken into consideration is the concern that is the concern. No problem can avoid until the problem is resolved. What will you do to get rid of? Let’s know some ways.

First, you learn about yourself and your problems

Before you face your problems or fear, it is a good idea to keep a clear idea about the two-side situation. Examples of the auction took place. After one week, your test will start. But you are still not close to teaching. This fear is driving you out. Or your house rent is about 3 months left, but you can not find ways to pay arrears in any way. In such a case, it is necessary to clean the matter of your position first.

If you have problems with reading, then decide what is not being taught. If you have a problem paying rent, find out why you are currently working or not having money. Then decide on how to fix them. If you hope to solve the problem without fixing the problems of both sides, you will always be walking around zero.

Talk to someone about your problem

Many people think that one does not want to listen to one’s problem or listen or listen. It is a bit of a matter, but to solve the problem, it is necessary to talk to someone or someone about the matter. You have a close friend or a relative, who will listen to you during the time. Or you have this problem before, whether someone knows to you or not. Nobody will listen to your problem and also help you find a solution.

So do not hesitate to talk about the problem. It’s important to talk If you have problems with education, then talk to a classmate if necessary and work on solving it. If you keep the problem confined to yourself, then it will continue to increase your fears. Before fearing you must find out a beautiful solution.

Keep an eye on your body

This is a very important issue. When there is fear in a matter of a long time, disappointment does not take time to consume us. It is very important to keep yourself physically and mentally. Be careful about your eating and drinking. Eat regular nutritional meals. Try eating more vegetables and fruits. Sugar, Oil, Nutrition These will increase the amount of blood sugar in your body, which increases anxiety or excessive thinking habits. Extra tea, coffee, and other caffeinated foods are also recommended.

Keep yourself away from alcoholic beverages and cigarettes and other drugs. Although they help you to temporarily forget the current problem, they can not be solved by any means. In fact, they work to create new problems for you. To avoid yourself as much as possible from the drug. Regular exercise is very beneficial in this case.

Keep yourself a target

Your problem is most needed to solve your problem. There is an air gap between a frustrated and optimistic person’s perspective. Build yourself as an optimist, be confident. Because they need to overcome your fears.

One of the key drivers to solve your problem is to keep a goal. If you want to see yourself in a new situation in the cab, improve it from where you are present, keep it right through a target. This will help you to move towards solving your problem.