Top 5 Iconic Airplanes Of All Time


Many people Like cars, others want to motorbikes, but for some, they need something way more powerful to love airplanes. Most of the time, we notice them while they fly on our heads. If you really stop to learn more about them, you’ll discover they are really beauty and grace.

Over the years, have many truly memorable, amazing planes flew our skies and have earned a place in every airplane lover’s heart. Show them respect who designed these beauties. We want to countdown the top 5 most iconic airplanes to have ever existed.

Supermarine Spitfire


If there’s one aircraft that can summarize World War II, it’s the Spitfire. Used principally by the British Air Force, this plane became a symbol for hope during those heady years. Though some would say the German’s Messerschmitt outgunned and outmaneuvered the Spitfire. The latter was faster and put up hefty dogfights during the prime years of the war, such as in the Battle of Britain, and Dunkirk. The plane, now long since retired, is a cultural icon of Britain. It is often used in ceremonial flypasts for national events, such as the Queen’s birthday or royal weddings.

General Dynamics F-16


Sometimes called the ‘Viper’ or ‘Fighting Falcon,’ for many in the US, the F-16 remains a massively iconic jet since 1976. With its small and great design, this jet uses many major wars since its invention. This plane despite newer models existing today, over 4,500 F-16s built. Across the world, the Much military force still uses this.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird


The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird has a lot going for it. It is actually the world’s fastest air-breathing jet. It was instrumental in taking part in spy missions across the world. The Blackbird clocked a whopping speed of 2,193.13 mph (Mach 3) in July 1976 – a record which has never beaten for a jet in its class. If Any rocket fired at the Blackbird basically stood no chance, the jet could simply accelerate and avoid any hit. The plane was finally retired in 1999, due to rising operational costs, but it remains a fascinating jet in military aviation history.

Lear Jet 23


Private air travel has become immensely popular in a way not many could have predicted. Fifty years ago, Lear helped pioneer the private jet industry with the Lear Jet 23. It is small but beautifully designed plane which could carry around eight people. With its great looking and awesome interior, it becomes personal jet plane for businessman or celebrities. The USA has naturally been a hotbed for private jet destinations – particularly New York, Monte Carlo (Monaco) and Nassau (Bahamas) have soared in popularity in recent years. The UK, primarily because of London’s business hub, has also become a rapidly emerging destination for private jet travel.

Harrier Jump Jet


This plane makes his list mainly because of his unique takeoff and landing feature. This plane designed in the UK by Hawker Siddeley in the 60s. Its main feature is it can take off and land vertically. Because of its awesome feature, this fighter jet can land in improvised bases, like as car parks, where other planes cannot do this.