Pink Moon – Is Really Pink?


Pink Moon

Well, have you ever heard the name of Pink Moon or the pink moon? What do you think about the name? Blood moon rises in the sky with the colour of red blood, which corresponds to the meaning of his name, as well as the pink colour spreads in the same way as the name of Pink Mono?

There is no relation between Pink Pink or pink with Pink Pink. Just like seeing an ordinary moon or full moon, Pinch Moon is the same to look at. But there are reasons for the name or the difference in the history or significance of this name. The full moon of April is called ‘Pink Moon’ or ‘Flower Pink Moon’.

How did the name of Pink Moon come?

In ancient times, the moon or season was fixed in season or month. There was no fixed ebook such as a solar eclipse which could be easily understood by twelve months.

‘Full Moon’ means that the arrival of new months would have been taken. They did not follow the Julian or Gregorian calendar at the time. They used to calculate the amount of the month through these different completions. After ages, Europe and the indigenous Aboriginal groups follow this rule. For the convenience of the European or local American people, each individual has a different name. Names corrected by the general events of the northern hemisphere or any special feature of a particular month. For example, ‘Full Moon Moon’ in January, ‘Full Snow Moon’ in February, ‘Full Os Moon’ in March, ‘Full Pink Moon’ in April, ‘Flower Flower Moon’ in May, ‘Flower Strawberry Moon’ in June ‘,’ Full Bak Moon ‘in July, , ‘Flower Stoney Moon’ in August, ‘Full Corn Moon’ in September, ‘Full Hunters Moon’ in October, ‘Flower Beaver Moon’ in November and ‘Flower Cold Moon’ in December. Apart from these, 13 ‘flower moon’ or full moon can be seen in some years. The additional full name ‘Blue Moon’.

Why is this moon called ‘Pink Moon’?

The full moon of April called ‘Pink Moon’. But the moon is not the same as ‘Pink’ or ‘Pink’ colour. Depending on the weather, the light may be yellow, orange, red or white.

But the pink will be in any way. It will be a matter of fact if any year red and white matching light pink shows this ‘Pink Moon’. For the normal reason, then the question comes – why the pink moon is not called ‘Pink Moon’? The name actually comes in the context of this month’s surroundings. There are many new and fragrant flowers in the spring. Of these, ‘Moss Pinch’ or ‘Wild Ground Flux’ flower drops very common in Europe and America. This is a kind of wildflower in early America. From this time onwards, the swelling of the surrounding environment has filled the environment. And the flowers of these flowers can spread from the ground to the sky.

Spiritual meaning of Pink Moon

In the spiritual sense, the penguin moon or the pink moon is the symbol of rebirth and renewal. Flowers of March called full moon or full moon. This is the last full moon of the winter season. For a long time, in the long run, it seems that the environment is dead due to cold, cold, cold and sad winter. As a result, the arrival of spring to come in April, the joy and beauty that spreads around the atmosphere, there is no doubt. So, the first full moon in April, the new birth and beauty symbol of the environment is quite understandable. Many believe that the light of Pink Moon will bring the power and soul of everyone back. Pink Moon reminds us that life is a cycle of rising and fall, winter and revival that continues till death. For example, the Pink Ground Flux arrives at this time every year, and after some time it goes away. Later, they came back to the new look and new beauty.

Other names of this moon are sprouting Grass Moon, Hare Moon, Fish Moon, and Egg Moon. There is a feature of this season behind every name. For example, new grass begins to grow. So its name is ‘Sprouting Grass Moon’. Another name is ‘Egg Moon’ because in the spring the birds lay eggs. Fish Mono also called because the fish yield is more in this season. The rabbit gives birth to the child in this season. And for this, the full moon of April called ‘Hare Moon’. It noted that the full moon of May called ‘Hair Moon’. In addition, this first full moon of April is also known as ‘Paschal Moon’ in the priestly or Christian calendar. The name ‘Pascal Moon’ given because Pink Moon helped to determine the date of Easter Sunday of the important religious festival of Christians.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon day. Astronomers believe that every full moon has an impact on us. Although we can not understand the issue, it is always their opinion that this is the same. Astronomer Cindy Mayan said, “The moon in astronomy governs our feelings, cycles, fertility and so on.” He also said, “The full moon of April is a symbol of revival. Its effect was seen in people with constant feeling and joy. According to astronomer Pavlovarova, “Pink Moon affects our feelings more than the flower moon of March. At this time, there is also a kind of fragility in everything, and one kind of innovation also seen. This time, new relationships created, and new developments happen. “According to Pink Munir’s lighting, everything started to be made completely new.

Every ‘Full Moon’ arises in some form. And the penguin mon was born in the constellation Scorpio. The full moon usually refers to the fulfilment or termination of something. And the meaning of the scorpion is more consistent. Twelve countries divided into four categories. For example – fire, soil, air and water amount. This scorpion included in the water reserves. So it naturally carries the general characteristics of the water reserves. Such as willpower, self-control, depth of feeling That is, these things point to us that it is best to start again and again by forgetting the sadness or unpleasantness of the mind. The full moon of April repeatedly guided to move towards a bright future.

Beginning of spring, almost all living organisms begin to decorate their own lives, starting from the leaves of trees. Again ‘Pink’ or pink color is the color of the Renaissance. In spite of all this, there is no doubt that this ‘Pinch Moon’ of spring that tells us to start our new life. The matter is not only spiritual or psychological. Only after removing the mood of mind, the issue of ‘Pink Moon’ does not end. Cleanliness of the house and surrounding environment can start in a new and clean life by cleaning the ‘Spring Cleaning’ or spring cleaning.