Why Cracking Your Knuckles Noisy


Why Cracking Your Knuckles Noisy? What Makes The Sound?

To understand this theory. when you ‘crack’ your knuckles or any other joint, first you need a little background about the nature of the joints of the body. As the joints, we generally pop are the diarthrodial joints. These joints are the most typical joints. This joints They consist of two bones that contact each other at their cartilage surfaces; the cartilage surfaces are surrounded by a joint capsule.

There is a lubricant in the capsule. Which is also known as synovial fluid. This thing serves as a source of nutrients for the cells that maintain the joint cartilage. synovial fluid contains dissolved gases, including oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. So using this theory the simplest joints to pop are the ones in your fingers.

They are also known as the interphalangeal and the metacarpophalangeal joints. When these joints are stretched out its expansion is limited by a number of factors. When small forces are applied to the joint. There is another factor which limits the motion is the volume of the joint. As the volume set by the amount of synovial fluid contained in the joint.

The fluid by itself cant expands unless the pressure inside the capsule drops to a point.

They enhance when the volume is pressurized. So this sound of cracking is thought to be caused by the gases rapidly coming out of solution. Which includes capsule to stretch a little more. So it can set the limit.

the joint cant is broke. Unless the gas can get back to the synovial fluid. So this explains why a human can pop the fingers continuously or repeatedly. You need to have the air in the particular section. So this the theory of popping. Don’t pop your fingers too often. It will result in a habit.