Beyond Good And Evil 2 Expolre -E3


A Star System from Underground to Outer Space

Beyond Good and Evil 2’s demo at E3 2018 all about scale. Seamlessly receiving its characters from exploring the detailed depths of a colonized moon to flying above it. And then to orbiting it. This year, we able to see what sorts of things you able do on a terrestrial, aerial, or orbital scale. Beginning with the exploration of a subterranean temple a co-op team of two space pirates.

Prequel to the first game, Beyond Good and Evil 2 set near the end of the 24th century in System 3. A star system colonized settlers from Earth. When the first humans attained in System 3, they found they’d become sterile. Forced to begin cloning themselves (and their human-animal hybrid slaves) in order to survive. So when you playing Beyond Good and Evil 2, you’ll start by creating your own cloned space-pirate captain. Every inhabitant of the system comes from the strains of DNA brought by those first colonists. Which you able to use when creating your human or hybrid character. For example, the two pirates on screen looked like wildly differentiated versions of Shani and Knox from the trailers – and they sort of. They heavily customized to create distinct looks but were cloned from the same genetic lines.

Ganesha City

Set n Ganesha City Hindu-founded town on the continent of New India. The demo was a glimpse at a society shaped by a combination of powerful corporations, religious manipulation, and its environment. Soma, for example, locked in a synchronous orbit with Dyaus, keeping one side of the moon facing the gas planet at all times. This protects that side from the ravages of space, enabling ecosystems to flourish and convincing the inhabitants they’re favored by the gods. The side that faces out toward space, meanwhile, barren hellscape bombarded frequent meteor showers.

The corporations in control of System 3 breed their hybrid slaves for specific roles primates, for example, are literally born to be miners –and send them to this highly deadly situation to harvest resources from the meteors, telling them they’re on a divine mission while also secretly spreading a myth that if one of the slaves finds a very specific gem, they able to escape and win their freedom. It’s all about keeping the slaves productive and under control – and it’s that control that you’ll work to escape as a space pirate, eventually amassing several ships and recruiting a crew of like-minded misfits.

Space Pirate Captain

To do that, however, you’re going to need some firepower, and so the demo began with the two pirates mock-fighting each other.

Every player-created space-pirate captain carries four basic tools at all times: a gun, a sword, a shield, and a jetpack. And they can all equip with Augments, special cores that can found throughout the world, and which impart different effects. The player-controlled pirates demonstrated few adding slowdowns, paralysis, and pushback effects to their shots and blasting each other around a room.

Different Direction Splitted

Splitting off in two different directions you don’t necessarily need to stick together to play together. The two pirates eventually faced a team of scientists and soldiers, experimenting on a bound ape hybrid.

Hidden on a walkway above them. One of the pirates whipped out her spyglass. The device that much like Jade’s camera in the first Beyond Good and Evil can scan and impart a wealth of information about whatever it’s pointing at. Looking at the people below. For example, we could see what species, which corporation they affiliated with, and which Augments they using.


The pirates charged from several directions, prompting their enemies to scatter. Throwing down dome-shaped slowdown trap. The human pirate caught one of the scientists as they fleeing and moved in to unleash a flurry of damage. Which another scientist quickly healed, demonstrating that they’re the ones to take down first. With them out of the way, both pirates moved in to dispatch the soldiers at close range. Using a union of shield defense and sword strikes to clear out the remaining resistance.

Once the room clear, the two scanned the captive hybrid who still alive, despite not being in great shape. And learned that he was formerly a mechanic. Freeing captives like this, incidentally, is one way you’ll be able to recruit new talent. Adding their skills to your crew and making you just a little more formidable.