Kylie Jenner Shows Expensive Room On Snapchat


Inside Kylie Jenners Stylish Living Room Complete With Glass Coffee table And An Open fire

Kylie Jenner proved on snapchat that she is living in a luxury house. She proved it on snap chat. On March 26. She posted pictures of her living room. The room looked very beautiful indeed.  But although the room doesn’t seem very friendly.

Or you can say the room was unprotected fireplace and a sharp-edged glass coffee table full of gold leaves, Kylie would definitely have to stay close to Stormi if she ever wandered around in the room! As you can add there were many non-babyproof pieces. There Was a large mirror hanging on the wall. as we can also see 1983 hanging above the fireplace.

The news is out that.  The news is out and it says  The mirror is being sold for $25, 000 while the print is being sold for a whopping $50,000 to $75,000. This room was also decorated with couches. The carpet was also matching. she also showed off a coffee table book from photographer Bettina Rheims.

As for the baby’s concern, she is growing so fast.

being a mother  Kylie also previously took the time to the nursery. like every common girl, the wall was filled with light blue walls and lots of pinks, as any girl’s room would be.

seems like the baby is living like a princess. as like her mama. She is adorable. after her success in business in cosmetics. He has her participation in the family in reality show. The famous tv show keeping up with Kardashians. Assuming all it seems like she is enjoying her motherhood.

and she often shares her pics with the baby on social media. seems like she is enjoying every second. as just younger 20 years old she is the richest member of Kardashians. she clan a 386m cosmetic line under her belt. that is estimated to hit 1 m. before she will get 25 years old.