Baaghi 2 Movie Review Tiger Shroff Bang


Tiger Shroff Cant Carry This Awful Action Film

Tiger Shroff is back with an action pack movie this time. Seems like  Tiger has made an impact on his action hero figure. In baaghi, he is playing an Army Commando in the first scene of the movie he ties a man to the front of his jeep and uses him as a human shield. The scene seems really badass.

As a Hindi movie or a Bollywood fan. Maybe you have seen it many times in the movies. But it was not expected in the tiger shroff movie. He has the passion for Indian army and the country. This movie is a sequel to the entire film Baaghi. Which is also a remake of the Telugu movie Kshanam.

has a  plot of kidnapping and deceit. one that could have worked in the hands of an actual filmmaker. In baaghi 2 the movie seems to done very gently. Which is not about editing. But the writing is not on the good side. Every move is predictable. every slap is a sledgehammer.

The same music refers to the movie keeps on going. That symbolizes the braveness. The most talented actors like Prateek Babbar and, surprisingly Manoj Bajpai has so much it is an embarrassment to watch them. whenever they are on screen. With Babbar, that’s not a major problem as the script has little time for him. The only one who gets away with the is Randeep Hooda.

At one point in the movie.  Police are seen acting a distressed mother nudging her legs. with his legs to suggest what they can do when those legs are not walking. And all the while Tiger Shroff grudges in anger. No wonder he got with the nonsense of a battle-bound gun blazing at enemies across the border. His Rambo act in the third act of this horribly made remake saves the fails to rescue the film from its numbing nemesis.