Kylie Jenner Shows Bizarre Mark Under Her Eye


Kylie Jenner Shows Bizarre Mark Under Her Eye As She Hides Face Outside Miami Hotel With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner is known for cosmetic surgeries. Maybe she is trying to cover up any weird. Spots or blemishes on her face. She is 20 years old now. As she was photographed leaving a hotel in Miami with baby daddy Travis. Travis is 25 years old now. She had a mysterious dark mark underneath her left eye.

maybe she is definitely aware of concealer as a makeup maven. But she sides not try to cover up the discolored skin. Instead of holding the cloth on her face just over her nose so that her eye and the mark could clearly be seen. They were in Miami for few days. Because Travis is doing some sold-out shows.

seems like they are enjoying.  downtime while leaving baby storm back at the hotel. the pair had some brunch. with the pals. they also took a romantic ride on a boat. she seems to be seated between his legs looking super in love. it is their gateway. after their child born back on Feb. 1.

seems like they are making a full family time. the picture gone viral on the internet shows their other ventures out in Miami. Kylie’s beautiful face looked just good. and the mark wasn’t visible. Kylie still over the moon in love with her little girl. she is been always posting photos on  Instagram.

after March 6. but Stormi is seen sleeping with her adorable baby cheeks. as the fans and whole world saw the picture. which was published on her Snapchat account. as kylie wrote negative comments on Twitter. so she lost Snapchat’s stock to plunge six percent.  losing roughly $1.3 billion. so she tweeted “Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh, this is so sad,”